Pistons “Baffle The Mind” By Trading Andre Drummond for Nothing!

What does Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson have in common with Andre Drummond? They are now members of the historically bad 13-39 Cleveland Cavs.

Drummond who was traded earlier in the day for Brandon Knight, John Henson, and a future second-round pick has gone from a bad situation in Detriot to an even worse situation in Cleveland. By the way, I had no idea Brandon Knight and John Henson still play in the NBA.

I wonder if the Piston’s front office woke up this morning and said let’s see what is the worst deal we can get for the NBA’s leading rebounder. Seriously, is someone in the Pistons front office actually going to a cash a bonus check for this terrible deal? It’s like the Pistons organization is having a going out of business fire sale.

Personally, I’ve never understood trades like this because they have absolutely no upside for either party. Drummond who will most likely become a free agent at the end of the year should have landed on a contender or at least a team that is pretending to have a shot at a ring. The reality is the Cavs have less than zero chance of resigning Drummond.

For the Pistons this deal baffles the mind because they had a valuable asset in Drummond that should have resulted in significantly more than a second-rounder. Andre currently leads the NBA with nearly 16 rebounds a game and averages just under 18 points. Those stats alone scream first-rounder.

I’m not sure if the Pistons were just lazy, or if they actually thought Brandon Knights 4.9 points a game was a good deal for the league-leading rebounder. Either way, this was a pathetic deal for the Pistons and the Cavs who will sit back and watch Drummond walk right out the front door this summer with the Cavs second-round draft pick.

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