Panic At The River

The last couple years it seems as if Philip Rivers has been in full panic mode. As Rivers drops back to pass he normally has no-time to do anything as his offensive line at times seemed to be playing for the other team.

When you combined a historically bad offensive line, an aging quarterback, in a new city where no one cares about the team, you end up with Panic at the River!

Well if you have to get a divorce it’s always best if it can end on good terms, and that’s how the recent divorce between Philip Rivers and the Chargers went down. No need to get Judge Judy involved in this case.

Clearly, Rivers and the Chargers were ready to move on from each other. Philip didn’t ask to comeback and the Chargers didn’t ask him to comeback. Rivers who has posted Hall-of-Fame numbers during his 16 year career certainly took a beating last year and was in need a change of scenery and an offensive line that is actually capable of pass protection.

Now that the divorce is final, Rivers is free to go hunting for diner anywhere in the NFL. The question is does Rivers really have anything left in the tank? The answer is while no one would look down on Rivers if he retires, he clearly has another two or three years left in the tank if he wants to remain in the NFL.

During 2019 season Rivers threw for 4,500 + yards, 26 touchdowns and 20 picks which was the second highest of his career. The second half of the season was especially tough as the offense line totally feel apart and Rivers looked like he was in panic mode every single time he dropped back to pass.

Rivers certainly wants to end up on a contender, but if he is to remain in the NFL he might have to take a job with one of those teams that always appears to be in rebuild mode – you know a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

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