Astros World Series not justified

Revoke The Ring?

As you’ve heard by now the Houston Astros have been embroiled in their self imposed cheating scandal for months. The scandal resulted in the team firing a variety of employees including their GM and Manager, plus the team received sanctions and lost a significant amount of money.

Earlier in the week many Astros players finally had what can best be described as a run in with the media. Let’s just say the media handled everything correctly, but the players appeared to be unprepared to provide enough quality denial details which led me to believe they are guilty of something that might be considered cheating.

Stealing signs has been going on in baseball since managers and coaches started coaching baseball. Look, I haven’t used a pay-phone in 20 years, so its not surprising that baseball teams would be using new, more modern ways of stealing signs.

In other sports, sign stealing and other tactics are often used to provide competitive advantages for their teams. Take the NFL, a league which is based on trying to gain a competitive advantage will lead coaches to instruct their players to run a quick play before the other team has a chance to review if a wide receiver actually caught the ball. Often times, the head coach is aware that a wide receiver dropped the ball, but he still knowingly instructs his QB to run a play quickly. Is this cheating?

Sports are played by humans, with the exception being Kawhi Leonard who is not a human, he is a machine. People are always looking to push the boundaries so it’s not surprising that a team might take stealing signs to an unsavory modern level of turning basic cheating into actually hardcore white collar crime.

Everybody cheating, doesn’t make it right. Still in the Astros case it appears they stretched the rules of cheating to a level that turned their advantage into more then just a competitive advantage. At this point I don’t have all the facts because MLB hasn’t released all the details. None of us know exactly what the Astros did or didn’t do, hence it’s hard to fully convict the achievements of an entire team.

In my opinion revoking the ring is going to far, unless we find Astros players received virtual reality pitch probability analysis streamed into their minds.

Quoting the famous car racing movie Day’s of Thunder “There is nothing stock about a stock car.”

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