Joe Burrow

OMG Joe Burrow Has Small Hands and It Actually Matters in The NFL!

Joe Burrow has small hands which actually matters in the National Football League. Sure Patrick Mahomes has smaller hands but he does have the strongest arms in the NFL since Brett Favre. Let’s face it – Joe Burrow has small hands.

Plus Deontay Wilder comes up with the all-time worst excuse for why he lost to the singing American Pie Tyson Fury – Deontay says his 40-pound costume left his legs dead. Having watched the fight I can tell you that I thought he looked tired when he took that helmet off.

Steph Curry coming back to the Warriors and if he wants to play, the Warriors should let him.

Dez Bryant in the news as he works out with Patrick Mahomes, but that does not mean he is going to play for Andy Reid! The bottom-line is the Chiefs don’t currently need him.

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