Spike Lee and James Dolan do battle over an elevator

Spike Lee Won’t Say It, But James Dolan Sucks As An Owner!

Spike Lee has officially given up on going to Knicks games this year and it’s all because of the way James Dolan and the New York Knicks handled a new policy related to an employee entrance.

Dolan has clearly built the strongest and best-run dysfunctional organization in the NBA. An organization that has everyone afraid of being fired. In fact, Spike Lee said the security guards won’t talk to him because they are afraid of being fired. Seriously, someone needs to remind Dolan that he owns the Knicks and that he is not a dictator in a third world country.

James Dolan has proven one thing since he took over the New York Knicks and that is he has no business owning an NBA franchise in the media capital of the world!

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