Bill Belichick must be loving the Tom Brady to 49ers Rumor

Bill Belichick Must Love The Ridiculous Tom Brady to The 49ers Rumor!

Look, I live in the Silicon Valley and while I’m not in anyway a 49ers fan I can tell you 49ers fans are still hanging in the cloud talking about how their team went to the Super Bowl after racking up just four wins in 2018.

The fans in these parts are unbelievably happy that the 49ers turned things around this year because most of them are aware that if they had not improved in 2019, the team would have been forced to fire John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, the entire coaching staff and the two guys who make those protein shakes.

Trust me no one in the Bay Area wants to suffer through a Jed York press conference introducing a Chip Kelly disciple as there new head-coach before they even got around to hunting down a new GM.

So for the 49ers, a team who was winning the Super Bowl with 8 minutes to go too even be consider a quarterback change is flat out ridiculous.

While I consider Jimmy Garoppolo an above average middle tier QB – I don’t think anyone in the Bay Area really believes the Super Bowl loss was his fault. I’ll admit that Jimmy G isn’t Patrick Mahomes, but with the 49ers running game and that extremely well coached offensive line he was never going to be giving the opportunity to blow the Super Bowl anyways.

Enter Tom Brady’s road show – the TB12 show is traveling around the country from city to city like a circus that is about to close its doors. Seriously, if any of those CFL teams actually played in the NFL, Brady’s agent would be talking to them.

You can’t blame Brady for wanting to play for a legit contender who actually has a chance of winning a ring. Which is why the rumor from Brady’s side of the fence makes perfect sense. If your Tom Brady and your choosing between the Raiders, Chargers and the 49ers, your defiantly signing with the 49ers if the goal is another ring. If Tom’s goal is money than viva Las Vegas.

The 49ers should probably draft a QB in the second, third or fourth round if they feel that player could eventually replace Jimmy G, but for them to risk the team chemistry by dumping Jimmy G for a broken down, rapidly declining QB who’s best days have certainly passed him by makes no sense.

I get it, all Tom has to do in the 49ers offense is hand the ball to a running back, but the pass that Jimmy overthrew in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl would have been under-thrown by at least 10 yards by Brady’s 43 year old arm.

Emperor Palpatine, aka Bill Belichick must absolutely be loving this rumor. Like all evil emperor’s, he knows that sometimes a ridiculous plot line can turn into box office gold.

The very idea that Bill Belichick could dump his 43 year old QB who’s check engine light has been on for at least 10 months and replace him with Jimmy G must actually be putting a smile on the face of the man who only smiles for 30 minutes after a Super Bowl win.

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