Ice Cube's BIG3 Is Working On Bringing A quarantined Basketball Reality TV Show and Tournament to Life

Ice Cube’s BIG3 Is Working On Bringing A quarantined Basketball Reality TV Show and Tournament to Life

Talk about thinking outside the box and inside the house at the same time as Ice Cube’s Big3 Basketball league has come up with a new reality basketball show concept. The goal is to combine a reality TV show with a three-on-three basketball tournament from a quarantined house.

Imagine a reality TV show that captures the daily smack-talk of former NBA stars like Greg Oden and Joe Johnson as they prepare to do battle with other members of their quarantined house. Basically think CBS’s “Big Brother” meets a three-on-three basketball tournament. At this point, no players have been announced.

Yahoo Sports Reports

“As long as we can protect the players, which we will do through proper testing and quarantine, Ice Cube and I feel we can give fans some safe, entertaining brand of basketball to get everyone through this pandemic,” Big3 executive Josh Kwatinetz told Yahoo Sports. “Cube and I have been in the entertainment business for 30 years. This is our job. People want to be entertained with all we’re going through and enjoy our sports. We think this will help.”

According to the team at Yahoo Sports – the Big3 is in talks with multiple networks to broadcast the games and house banter.

The concept includes a production crew that would be stationed outside of the house thus insuring no breaches in the quarantined house.

How the Show Will Work

Seriously, leave it to Ice Cube to come up with this concept during the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure many people will be appalled by the show, but let’s face it how many times can you watch reruns of Love Island, Friends and sorry Disney+ but I only need to see Frozen 2 once.

Clearly there is a huge sports void left in the wake of the pandemic and if a bunch of former NBA basketball players can bring some temporary basketball and comic relief to the public – then I’m all in.

As you might imagine I have a bunch of questions:

1. What are sleeping arrangements going to look like – will the Big3 provide 7-foot capable bunk beds?

2. If Shaq interviews players via a video call, will you have a translator on staff?

3. Will 420 be allowed at all times of the day?

4. Will there be a four-point line? Please let there be a 4-point line.

5. If someone shots an air-ball, will they be evicted from the house?

These are just some quick fun thoughts, but in all seriousness, I think this is a great idea considering the current situation we are all in.

You’ve got to give it to Ice Cube and Josh Kwatinetz for getting super creative during the Coronavirus Winter we are living through.

California Governor Issued a Statewide Shelter-In-Place

It should be noted that Big3’s plans were reported just before California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a California statewide shelter-in-place order on Thursday. It is unclear if this will affect Big3’s plans since it was made public prior to Governor Newsom’s announcement.

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