The LA Rams New Logo Attempts to Borg Assimilate the Chargers

Rams Rebrand – the L.A. Rams and Chargers Are Moving in Together, But do they have to share the same Logo?

The first thing I thought of when I saw the LA Rams highly anticipated rebrand was the Borg from Star Trek. You know the Borg who travels around outer-space assimilating alien races into their collective.

In this case, the Rams are the Borg and the Chargers are the captured alien race.

Look, I’m a huge fan of re-brands and I can’t wait to see what The Tampa Bay Bucs come up with for Tom Brady next month. But the LA Rams rebranded logo looks like it belongs to the Chargers. I had to actually double-check the news wire to make sure the Chargers and Rams had not merged overnight.

I get it, The Rams and Chargers are moving in together, but do they also have to share the same logo?

As it turns out I do love the logo – the color scheme, use of shadows and the font are all very hip and deliver a super cool and clean look. Seriously, this would be a fantastic new logo for the Chargers, not the Rams.

The Rams Got The Ram Right

Trying to make a “Ram logo” look cool is so difficult that it would be like taking a Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider movie and turning it into an academy award worthy flick. Not going to happen Nic!

That being said, I really do love the new Rams Ram. The Ram looks tough and the color scheme is very “We love LA.” The Ram appears to be mad and in deep thought at the same-time – well done Rams!

The Rams COO Speaks

“The most exciting part of this for me, and I hope for Rams fans, is it blends the best of our pasts with what we believe is the best of our future,” said Kevin Demoff, the Rams’ chief operating officer. “I’m sure it will be a surprise, it will be changed, but lots of things are and I think it’s a chance that our fans will come to know and love over time.”

“We always looked at blue and yellow and white, we looked at a wide range of things around that as accent colors,” Demoff said. “But at the end of the day, that was one place we knew our fans weren’t going to compromise.”

Talking Gurley:
“Like all Rams fans, I’m appreciative of Todd and what he’s meant to this team,” Demoff said about Gurley, who signed a four-year extension worth $45 million guaranteed in 2018. “Each year, your players change, your team changes and we knew walking into this season there would be tough choices…

“It’s going to be a different looking team than the one that left the field in 2019, but I think everybody knew that was going to be the case.”

Relive The Rams Live Announcement

Rebrand announcements are always entertaining because teams make it seem like they are changing the world with their re-brands. And the Rams don’t disappoint as their propaganda machine was in full “We Are The World” mode.

Make sure to check out the hat unboxing which occurs at 4:14 into the video. Poor Jared Goff looks like he was forced at gun-point to put the new hat on his head. Goff should ask for a trade to the Chargers immediately and bring the LA portion of the new Rams logo with him.

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