Phil Mickelson vs. Tiger Woods: A Rematch could be on the way

Phil Mickelson vs. Tiger Woods: A Rematch could be on the way

The sports world has ground to a complete halt with one exception being the NFL’s free-agency frenzy. However, that could change as Phil Mickelson responded to a random twitter user question about a Tiger vs Phil rematch.

“@TigerWoods @PhilMickelson do you think there is a chance you two go play a round mic’d up with one camera guy and just put it out there on a stream for people to watch?? We need live sports” The question came from Chris Yurko via Twitter, whose account has just 56 followers.

But wait there’s more – Mickelson then doubled down when another fan asked him not to be a tease.


The idea of another showdown between Tiger and Phil is always a good idea, but pulling an event off like this during the coronavirus pandemic would be huge for sports fans around the world.

This a fantastic idea if the production team and player safety can be guaranteed.

The impact of another Tiger vs Phil match would certainly drive huge ratings. Not to mention the social impact would be significant for fans around the globe. In the event this match happens, I would hope that Jim Nantz is selected to say “hello friends.”

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