It's A Hard Knocks Life for the Rams and Chargers

It’s A Hard Knocks Life for the Rams and Chargers

Since the LA Rams announced their rebrand last month, I’ve been joking that the Rams and Chargers appear to be morphing into one team. Well, maybe that joke is turning into some sort of strange new alternate universe reality?

To recap: they both moved back to LA, they are both going to play in the new $6 billion dollars SoFi stadium complex, and the Rams decided to steal some more of the Chargers thunder with their new rebrand which honestly looks like a Chargers rebrand.

According to¬†ESPN’s Adam Schefter, NFL Films plans on featuring both the Rams and Chargers in this year’s HBO’s Hard Knocks. This would be the first time in 16 seasons of Hard Knocks that the show features two teams at the same time.

Schefter went on to report that the NFL was planning on announcing the teams for the show during the league’s annual meeting but the meeting was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Hard Knocks has always been worth watching, even if you don’t care about the team being featured. As for the Rams and Chargers being featured this year, I’m not in any way surprised.

Just think of the billions of dollars Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Rams has invested in moving the team back to LA. Not to mention the new SoFi stadium which will house two NFL teams.

Sure, it would have been way more fun to see Mike Tomlin yell at Steelers rookies, but it appears the NFL made a business decision to reward Kroenke for building a billion-dollar-plus stadium complex in the city of angels.

The Rams and Chargers are acting as a single entity more and more every day and while I’m sure Kroenke doesn’t have an under-the-table piece of the Chargers, it certainly looks like he does.

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