It's Intervention Time For The Texans Bill O'Brien!

It’s Intervention Time for The Texans Bill O’Brien!

It’s official The Texans head coach/GM Bill O’Brien has lost his mind. This time the new Nutty Professor trades a second-round pick to the Rams as part of a deal to acquire the expensive, ball dropping, concussion prone, underperforming, Brandin Cooks.

The move is yet another example of bipolar decision-making from O’Brien who has officially been awarded a master’s degree in how to be a really bad NFL GM. Just last month he traded away DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson which is the worst trade in the NFL since the Vikings gave up 10 plus draft picks for Herschel Walker back in 1989.

Clearly O’Brien was trying to save face with Texans fans by trading for a high profile receiver. Look if Cooks was 3 years younger and had not suffered a bunch of concussions we would be calling O’Brien a genius. But this is 2020, not 2017 Bill!

O’Brien who has a great track record as a head coach has the opposite track-record as an NFL GM. Did you know that on 2 occasions O’Brien actually traded a player to a team that the Texans were playing that week? Seriously, who does that?

Look, O’Brien could have simply waited and drafted a wide receiver in the upcoming target-rich NFL Draft. Basically, there are 10 solid receivers ranked in the top 60 players of this year’s draft.

DeAndre Hopkins is a top 3 wideout in the NFL. Cooks is good, but he is not at Hopkins level. Not to mention the 5 concussions that we know about, all those dropped passes and a huge reduction in production in 2019 seals the deal for this being a bad trade.

Reactions Worth Reading

As you might imagine, the reactions from around the world of sports have been entertaining. Here’s what Stephen A. Smith said about O’Brien.

“The man doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing,” Stephen A. said on First Take. “Either that or he allows his emotions to get in the way. He allowed that to be the case with Jadeveon Clowney… Laremy Tunsil… DeAndre Hopkins… What the hell is the problem here?”

Bill Barnwell from ESPN said:
Barnwell feels that the trade made more sense from the Rams perspective, but he’s not letting L.A. off of the hook either. Cooks’ extension, he writes, was a massive mistake by GM Les Snead. And, even though they were able to bail out, they were still stuck paying him a $4MM roster bonus since the deal happened after 3/15. This year, they’ll wear a $21.8MM dead money hit for Cooks; between that and the Gurley deal, they’re stuck with $33MM in dead money this year.

It’s Intervention Time

At this point, it is clear the Houston Texans need to conduct a Bill O’Brien intervention. Below are my top 2 reasons why an intervention is needed!

1. NFL GM’s Love Receiving a Call From O’Brien
Being a GM in the NFL is about making strategic moves to improve your team. This is why when Bill O’Brien calls, GM’s answer the phone immediately. O’Brien’s reputation has turned into a joke around the league. GM’s around the NFL know that when O’Brien calls, their team gets better before they’ve even had a chance to say hi Bill.

2. Deshaun Watson
Watson is a great young QB with a ton of leadership qualities who’s been sitting around watching all these horrific moves being made. At this point, Watson must be thinking about ways to escape Houston. Hey Deshaun, I recommend asking Kurt Russell for advice, he played Snake Plissken in “Escape From New York.” If anyone can help you, Plissken can!

The last thing the Texans need is Watson walking out the door, this reason alone should cause The Texans to immediately bring in someone to help teach Bill O’Brien how to be an NFL GM or relieve him of his GM duties immediately.

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