Jose Canseco Is Still Bashing Alex Rodriguez

Jose Canseco Is Still Bashing Alex Rodriguez

What appeared to be another slow day in the pandemic world of sports just got a little more interesting thanks to Jose Canseco who has really never stopped being a bash brother.

Canseco set his sights once again on Alex Rodriguez. He decided to remind the world on Easter Sunday that A-Rod cheated on Jennifer Lopez with his ex-wife.

As you might imagine both Lopez and Canseco’s ex-wife publicly denied the allegations.

“I mean, it doesn’t matter,” Lopez said. “I know what the truth is. I know who [Alex] is. He knows who I am. We’re just happy.”

In honor of this story about basically nothing I thought it would be fun to relive Rodriguez’s famous steroid history. If you remember R-Rod denied using performance-enhancing drugs for 10 plus years before he came clean.

This video from NBC News details his drug use and his admission.

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