The Match 2: Pure TV Magic Delivered By Tiger, Peyton, Tom & Phil

The Match 2: Pure TV Magic Delivered By Tiger, Peyton, Tom & Phil

Pure entertainment is the best way to describe what I witnessed on Sundays celebrity golf match. “The Match 2” which featured Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning(TP) vs Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson(TP2) was yet another example that live sports broadcasts can work during a pandemic.

TP vs TP2 absolutely delivered a much-needed round of comedic golf and I’ve decided to formally award “The Match 2” with the most entertaining sporting event since the start of coronavirus pandemic.

Now duplicating an event like this will be difficult to do because Charles Barkley can not be on every broadcast. Tom Brady won’t be available to make slam dunks from fairways and Peyton Manning will eventually run out of stories.

Look, live televised sports will not be perfect when it comes back, but a lot can be learned by the way the Turner Broadcast crew carefully weaved in commentary and live interviews with the participants. 

He Got Game

As for the golf, Tiger was his normal assassin on the golf course. Phil, as usual couldn’t shut up and basically told the world how great his shots were. Peyton actually has some legit golf game and Tom Brady played like the average golfer which made everyone feel good watching arguably the greatest modern-day QB of all-time struggle on the golf course.

Brady was being beaten up badly by Charles Barkley, NFL players, celebrities, and the rest of the social media universe. Things got so bad for Brady that Barkley actually offered to donate $50,000 if Brady hit the green. Brady’s shot missed by so much that Barkley joked he should have said that all he had to do was keep the ball on the planet.

Brady who struggled off the tee on the 7th hole, found himself about 150 yards, and after taking yet another well-deserved bashing from Barkley, he proceeded to calmly airmail a beautiful iron shot onto the green and just like a professional golfer, pulled the string back on the golf ball and dunked it into the hole. 

The Bottom Line

Look, I’ve been watching live sports for well over 30 years and that was one of the most memorable moments I’ve ever witnessed in sports. Leave it to the greatest QB of All-Time to be struggling so mightly on the golf course, during a pandemic, in a made for TV event to deliver pure sports magic with just one shot.

As a struggling golfer, I can totally identify with Brady’s struggles on the golf course, but like I always say you can’t make a great shot if you’re not playing.

The bottom line is live sports is working its way back, it will be a while before fans are in the stands,  but utilizing well-orchestrated broadcast teams to pump some life into live sporting events is far more genuine than pumping fake fan noise into the broadcasts. 

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