Historically Jameis Winston Is Not One Of The Best QBs Of All-Time

Historically Jameis Winston Is Not One of the Best QBs of All-Time

Earlier in the week, Jameis Winston made headlines for all the wrong reasons as he made one of the most historically incorrect claims of all-time.

In a Bleacher Report interview, Winston said he is better than “a lot” of the quarterbacks who will enter the season as NFL starters. “I know what I’m worth,” Winston told the publication. “And I know day in and day out, without publicly coming in and saying it, that historically I’m one of the best quarterbacks to play the game.”

Look confidence is important, but facts are facts and while Winston did throw 33 TDs and over 5,000 yards in 2019, he also successfully threw the football to the wrong team at a historically alarming rate of 30 times in 2019. As a starter in the NFL Winston has won 28 games and triumphantly lost 42 times in 5 seasons as a starter in the NFL. Do those stats represent a historically great QB? Maybe the Jameis Winston who was interviewed by Bleacher Report comes from one of those Spiderman alternate universes?

In addition, Winston will begin the 2020 season with a historically low $1.1 million dollar contract to back up Drew Brees in New Orleans.

The reality is the Jameis Winston experiment as a starter in the NFL is officially over which makes his recent statements so unbelievably ridiculous.

Look no one knows why Winston considers himself one of the top quarterbacks of all time. Sure Jameis is in my top 1,500 QBs of all time, but for him to consider himself one of the best of all-time suggests he is living in his own upside-down world.

Ultimately I guess its better for Winston to simply make ridiculous statements then end up on TMZ being cited for stealing $32 dollars worth of crab legs and crawfish.

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