Why Are NFL Teams Turning Their Backs On Cam Newton

Why Are NFL Teams Turning Their Backs On Cam Newton

A few months ago I covered the terrible way the Carolina Panthers handled their decision to move on from Cam Newton. Newton who has literally gone from Superman to the Invisible Man in the last 12 months appears to have some kryptonite sitting in a corner office of the Panthers organization.

Even before Matt Rhule was hired as the new head coach of the Panthers, there had been front office grumblings that the team might move on from Newton. Now the decision to move on from Newton was really about injuries and money, but for the Panthers organization to intentionally wait until most of the free-agent quarterbacks were signed by other teams and then release Newton was intentionally disrespectful.

It has been nearly 3 months since the Panthers cut Newton but for some reason, the Panther front office isn’t done trolling him. The latest troll occurred on Wednesday when the Panthers posted a tweet “chose your G.O.A.T.” listing Julius Peppers, Steve Smith Sr., and Luke Kuechly as the three options.


While all of these players certainly fall into the greatest Panthers of all-time category, it was indeed strange that the team would intentionally leave Newton of the list. Newton is the team’s’ all-time leader in wins, passing yards, passing TD’s, and rushing TD’s. His Panther resume also includes a league MVP and a trip to the Super Bowl in 2015.

The disrespect that the Panther organization is showing to arguably the greatest Panther of all-time is as obvious as sitting through a bad Nicholas Cage movie. Come on Nic what’s up with those Ghost Rider movies.

To be clear, the Panthers have resorted to taking unprovoked shots at Superman. Newton who is loved by Panthers fans for his play and generosity off the field certainly deserves more respect from the team that he led for 9 years.

The NFL Turns It’s Back On Cam

While Newton is not currently at Patrick Mahomes level, he is still one of the top 15 QB’s in the game today. He still has what it takes to be a starter in the NFL and in my opinion is better than half of the projected starters in the NFL. Look I love Philip Rivers, but lets face-it he can no longer move in the pocket and while Rivers might still have something left in his tank, Newton would have been a significantly better option for the Colts.

Teams, that have legit needs for a starter include the Jaguars, Patriots, Raiders, and Bears. Plus the Steelers, Chargers, Redskins, Broncos, Rams, 49ers and Colts could all benefit from a having backup starter waiting in the wings. So why are teams across the board turning their backs on Cam Newton?

Newton’s shoulder injuries are what most executives will point to, but still, there must be something else that is keeping teams away from Newton? The reality is at this stage of his career, Newton is a middle of the road quarterback who is capable of posting 3,500 yards passing and 500 yards rushing which places him at the top of the second-tier QBs in the NFL today.

I’m guessing that his age, injury history, and current team needs are the primary reasons Newton does not have a job in the NFL. As for the Jaguars, Patriots, Raiders, and Bears, your team would be significantly improved with Newton at the helm. Sure Nick Foles won a Super Bowl, but did you see him play last year with the Jaguars?

While every NFL executive will deny it, sometimes in the NFL players get placed onto an “imaginary do not sign list” and that’s exactly what appears to be happening to Newton. I’m not saying there is collusion in the NFL, but it certainly feels like there is a concerted effort to keep Newton out of the NFL.

In 2018 Newton played in 14 games and threw for just under 3,400 yards. He threw 24 touchdown passes against 13 interceptions. He also rushed for just under 500 yards and scored 4 touchdowns on the ground.

If you’re a GM of an NFL team and you can sign Newton for $2 to $5 million a year on an incentive-based contract to either be your starter or a backup, why wouldn’t you do it? Newton being out of the NFL makes no sense!

Look, in my opinion, Newton still has plenty left in the tank and he deserves to be a starter in the NFL, but I suspect it is going to take an injury before Superman is asked once again suit up in his Superman cape.

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