Dak Prescott - Your Move Jerry Jones

Your Move Jerry Jones

On Monday the cost for a top-tier quarterback in the NFL went up dramatically as Patrick Mahomes signed a 10-year contract extension worth over $500 million dollars. The deal which was really more of a dynasty and legacy play for Mahomes who wants to win more rings and be considered on the greatest QBs of all-time opted for a decade long deal.

Mahomes must have realized that to build a dynasty with the Kansas City Chiefs, he would need to negotiate a long-term, that is cap-friendly which intern makes it possible for the Chiefs to sign other players to large contracts. The decade long deal is actually the opposite of what most athletes are looking for.

For example in the NBA, players often opt for short term deals which provides players more leverage inside their organizations and allows them to sign new deals as the salary cap increases. This is one of the reasons Dak Prescott has been looking for a 3 or 4 year deal instead of the 5-year deal the Dallas Cowboys placed on the table.

$31 Million To $37 + Million

With Mahomes set to make $39.5 million a year during the first 5-years of his new deal and Russell Wilson raking in $35 million a year, the cost to sign Dak to any kind of long-term deal has just gone up. Previous reports had the Dallas Cowboys offering $31 million a year, but to get a long-term deal done it will probably cost the Cowboys north of $37 million a year.

Then there is the hard to believe Ryan Tannehill contract which averages out to $29.5 million a year which certainly will benefit the significantly more talented Dak Prescott in negotiations.

The Mighty Line

Clearly the pressure is now on Jerry Jones to get a deal done with Prescott if they want to enter the season without one of those distracting “contract shadows” lurking in the sky. The good news for Jones is Mahomes’s new deal makes it easier for him to negotiate a 5 year deal with Prescott. The bad news is he will have to spend an additional $6 + million dollars a year to lock Prescott into a long-term deal.

Jones who appeared to drag his feet on this contract negotiations will have to pay more for a QB that he could have easily locked up 2 years ago.

Jones who made his money drilling for natural gas and oil that was allegedly leftover from the Dinosaurs, has actually struck gold with Prescott who threw for just under 5,000 yards, posted 30 touchdown passes against 11 interceptions for a QB rating of 99.7% in 2019. At this stage of the game, Prescott has proven that he is one of the top quarterbacks in the game, and now its time for him to get paid.

The bottom-line is Mahomes’s new deal has clearly paved the way for Prescott to finally secure his new deal, that is unless Jones decides that Andy Dalton is really the future of the Dallas Cowboys.

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