Hungry Than Ever Is Cam Newton

Hungrier Than Ever Is Cam Newton

The all-out media blitz is officially on for Cam Newton in New England. Newton who has been posting some of the best self-promotion videos was joined earlier in the day by the Patriots who did something very un-patriot like and actually released a glitzy Cam Newton hype video of their own.

That’s right, the team who normally allows their play to do their talking, jumped into the self-promotion game with a Newton hype video which actually ends with the statement “Superman Cam Newton.”

Seriously, when I saw this video I immediately double-checked the news-wire to see if Bill Belichick had retired. Sorry, Dolphins, Bills, and Jets fans, Belichick is still very much in control of the Patriot way.

Now if you wondering who the Patriots starting quarterback is just watch this video.

Cam’s Got A Chip On His Shoulder


I still can’t believe the Patriots were the only team to express interest in Newton and judging by the content of his video’s he plans on making the rest of the NFL pay.

Clearly, Newton “hungrier than ever” has a major chip on his shoulders and if he can stay healthy the Patriots are going to find all sorts of creative ways to stick it to NFL defenses this year.

As for the Patriots, like Tom Brady, they appear to be loosening up a bit since their mutual divorce. The old Patriots would have never created and published a promo video for one of their players and they certainly would have discouraged there starting quarterback from posting Cam Newton style videos.

One thing is for certain if the Patriots didn’t want Newton posting video’s it wouldn’t be happening. So I guess we have to give Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots organization some credit for adapting quickly to the post-TB12 era. Plus, those Newton videos are so well done that they could easily win an Emmy if there was a category for the best self-promotion sports video produced by an athlete.

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