Trouble In The NBA Bubble

Trouble In The NBA Bubble

Well, it was just a matter of time before the NBA bubble started leaking like the Titanic. By the way, I still don’t understand how James Cameron can go from directing “True Lies” to the “Titanic.”

Adam Silver and the NBA have had an extremely busy couple of weeks trying to bring some level of law and order to its fragile bubble. Now if you believe a quarter of the stories coming out of the bubble, it is painfully clear that pixie dust isn’t a real thing.

So far the league has suspended players for allegedly accidentally leaving the bubble, dealt with primadonna player concerns about airline-style box food and hotel rooms that haven’t been updated since Seinfeld first showed up on NBC’s must-see tv.

The league has also received a ton of criticism for its wisely conceived NBA anonymous bubble violation hotline, which is now referred to as snitch-line. As it turns out the anonymous tip-line is not so anonymous, just ask Chris Paul who has already been identified for reporting a few violations.

But wait there’s a whole lot more. Then the breaking news arrived that James Harden and his beard were finally entering the bubble after two weeks of swirling rumors that he tested positive for the coronavirus. Speaking of positive tests, Russell Westbrook is officially staying away from the bubble entirely because of a recent positive coronavirus test. No word yet if Darryl Morey, the GM of the Houston Rockets is planning a less than carefully thought-out tweet that has the potential to lose a billion dollars for the NBA overseas.

On a positive note, Kawhi Leonard told reporters in 3-words how he is doing in the bubble “I feel healthy.” It is so nice to see Leonard finally opening up. I suspect that Leonard is ready to start giving reporters 4 or 5-word quotes any day now!

Speaking of players, someone on the Utah Jazz PR team needs to prevent Rudy Gobert from taking to the press ever again. In this gem to a reporter, Gobert is referring to the snitch-line. “I don’t know if someone’s gonna use it, but I think it’s sort of petty.”

Normally, I would agree with Gobert, but for the love of god Rudy, the NBA is spending well over $150 million dollars to try to make the bubble safe for players and all it takes is one-person who violates the bubble parameter to spread the virus containments throughout the NBA campus which could lead to the cancelation of the rest of the season.

The snitch line at any other point of time in NBA history would have been a bad idea, but during a pandemic, the snitch-line should be commended. The reality is if a player doesn’t understand why the snitch-line is a good idea they should be immediately escorted out of the bubble before they have a chance to stop by the gift shop to pick up a Donald Duck coffee mug.

That doesn’t mean we can’t make fun of the snitch-line. Here’s what the Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said about the snitch-line hotline before saying he also understand the reasoning that the hotline is in place.

“I turned in LeBron [James] yesterday. I’m turning in Pop [Spurs coach Gregg Popovich] today. I’m trying to turn all these guys in,” Rivers joked. “I think it’s phenomenal. We are going to be the only team left when I am done with this hotline thing. No, it’s funny. I don’t think it’s a problem at all. I think it’s good.”

I bet every time Adam Silver checks his text messages, he is thinking “what now.”

Zion Leaves The Bubble

The Pelicans announced that Zion Williamson has left the bubble “to attend to an urgent family medical matter.” The team said that Zion intends to rejoin the team at a later date and expressed support for him.

“We fully support Zion’s decision to leave the NBA campus to be with his family,” Pelicans executive David Griffin said. “Out of respect for the Williamson family, we will have no further comment at this time.”

Even if Zion comes back in a few days, he will have to undergo a two-week quarantine after leaving the campus. This will most likely overlap with the restart of the NBA season.


I’ve always enjoyed spending time in Florida, especially during the summer months when you quickly realize that Florida must be the birthplace of humidity. Clearly, the heat is getting to people inside the bubble as the hourly barrage of entertaining bubble stories reminds you just how difficult the task of creating a real healthy bubble is.

Sure there is trouble inside the bubble, we always knew there would be, but if the NBA actually completes the playoffs, the ratings will be huge and Adam Silver will have earned an all-expense-paid vacation to Dana Whites fight-island.

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