Top 10 Calls Into The NBA Snitch Line

Top 10 Calls Into The NBA Snitch Line

One of the most controversial aspects of the NBA bubble has been the NBA snitch line which was set up to provide an extra layer of checks and balances for everyone inside the bubble.

The snitch line while a good idea from a player safety perspective has also turned into one of the most entertaining aspects of the bubble. Sorry Adam Silver, but you can’t ask players and coaches to snitch on each other and not expect there to be some funny blowback. Heck, even Doc Rivers is having some fun with the snitch line:

“I turned in LeBron [James] yesterday. I’m turning in Pop [Spurs coach Gregg Popovich] today. I’m trying to turn all these guys in,” Rivers joked. “I think it’s phenomenal. We are going to be the only team left when I am done with this hotline thing. No, it’s funny. I don’t think it’s a problem at all. I think it’s good.”

Check out what I imagine to be the top 10 calls into the NBA snitch line.

1) Chris, I understand that you saw James Harden wearing a mask again, but for the 14th time, that’s not a violation.   

2) Kyrie please stop calling the Snitch Line, your not even in the bubble. No, I will not connect you with Kanye. 

3) Kawhi is that you breathing. Breath a little louder if that’s you. Yes, you are in something called the NBA bubble. I understand that you’re still plugged into the wall, Paul will swing by to unplug you when you’re fully charged.

4) Rudy you know you are banned from calling the Snitch Line.

5) Yes, even Superman has to wear a mask, Dwight.

6) Patrick, you need to stop howling. I’m getting complaints again from LeBron. Look, even Jimmy Buttler is complaining.

7) Brad have you been drinking drugstore whiskey again. No Belichick has not sent over the 2nd tape of Bucks practice yet. 

8) Doc, Yes, the DNA test just came back, and Austin is your son. 

9) Guess what? Ben Simmons just made a 3 pointer in practice. Joel, you know the NBA still conducts drug tests.

10) Adam,
I understand that your spending $150 million + on this bubble. I get that the pressure is getting to you. Look I need you to take those handcuffs off Tigger. I said free Tigger now Adam.  

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