LeBron James Is The Real 2020 NBA MVP

Sorry Giannis, LeBron James Is The Real NBA MVP

The age-old debate about who will win the NBA MVP is thankfully about to start up yet again as the NBA return is set for July 30th. This year’s race comes down to last year’s winner Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James.

The NBA announced earlier in the week that all regular season awards will not be impacted by the last 8 games of the season which will be played in the pixie-dust protected NBA bubble in Orlando.

While a legit argument can be made for either Antetokounmpo or James, I think this year’s award should definitely be heading to the city that continues to encourage Nic Cage to make bad movies. Seriously, did you happen to suffer through Ghost Rider 2 like me?

When you actually sit back and think about how weak the Eastern Conference is and then you factor in the total resurrection job that LeBron James has helped lead for the Lakers, it quickly becomes clear that James deserves to win the MVP award this year.

Media Members Get Stuck In Stats-Land

Now many members of the sports media tend to get lost in the wonderful world of deep analytics. They will look at Antetokounmpo’s, 29.6 points and 13.7 rebounds per game and find ways of turning those numbers into historically great numbers. Media members will site publications like the Cleaning the Glass which ranks Antetokounmpo’s 2019-20 ranks fifth all time in player efficiency rating and ninth in BPM.  Then the media members will conveniently ignore James’s 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 10.6 assists a game. James who is averaging nearly a triple-double at age 35 tends to not get the respect that he deserves because he has been posting numbers like this for his entire career.

The big difference this year is James is averaging 10.6 assists a game against his career average of 7.4 assists a game. For those media members that struggle with math, James is averaging more than 3 additional assists per game in his 17th season in the NBA.

Statistically, I’d say that season has been a wash as both players have put up great numbers, however, The Greek Freak accomplished his number in the extremely weak Eastern Conference, while James had to do battle every night with a wide variety of legit playoff contenders. The point is just using stats to determine this year’s MVP winner is not enough.

Voters will need to dig deeper into the players’ impact on the overall performance of their team and certainly, they should be incorporated how improved the team is over the past year.

The argument can easily be made that James has had a far greater impact on the Lakers this year than Antetokounmpo has had on the Bucks.

Magic and Frank Vogel Surprise No One With LeBron Pick For MVP

“LeBron James is definitely the MVP this season,” Johnson said. “He is almost averaging a triple double with 25 points, 10 assists, and basically 8 rebounds per game. His defense has been amazing and there is no better leader in sports!”

While Antetokounmpo appears to be the favorite to win the award, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel believes it should go to LeBron. Vogel recently pointed to LeBron’s performances against the Bucks and the Clippers in March.

“In that weekend, LeBron took the toughest assignment in both games. He guarded Kawhi in the Clippers game and did a great job with him there. And then he guarded Giannis in the Bucks game when AD was in foul trouble and did a great job in those two situations,” Vogel said on Saturday. “I think that weekend was probably a great indicator or a great measuring stick.”


The reality is no player has dominated this late in his career like LeBron James, and while The Greek Freak has had one of the best statistically years of all-time, I give the slight edge to James for the resurrection job he has done with the Lakers. Before this year, the Lakers had turned into the Clippers of the ’80s and the franchise was spinning out of control.

Beyond the offensive numbers, James along with his defensive-minded head coach Frank Vogel has turned the Lakers into one of the toughest defensive units in the league.

“I mean at this point, What More Do You Want From Me?!?!” LeBron tweeted on Monday afternoon.

LeBron brings up a good point which realistically might not matter because for some strange reason MVP awards tend to be handed out to younger superstars, rather than veterans.

Despite previous MVP voting trends, if you’re being objective, it is easy to see that James has done more for the Lakers this year than the Greek Freak has done for the Bucks and if voters use this methodology than James will win the award that he actually deserves.

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