Talking About Dynasty Never Leads To A Dynasty

Stop Talking Dynasty, Kansas City

Chris Jones, the Kansas City Chiefs defensive end clearly forgot the first rule of building an NFL dynasty, not talking about building a dynasty.

Jones who in his statement below handed over all the extra motivation NFL teams will need this year when facing the Chiefs.

“This is only the beginning,” Chris Jones, DE, Kansas City Chiefs said to KCSP 610 Sports Radio Monday, via Pro Football Talk. “We plan to have another parade and another parade and another parade. We’re going to make sure we bring not one, not two, not three, not four, but five-plus rings to Kansas City. It’s been 50 years of waiting, but the wait is over now. It’s time to create a dynasty.”

Seriously, can someone with Kansas City Chiefs media team explain why Jones was allowed to make this statement? Sure I believe in freedom of speech, but this has nothing to do with that. This is a prime example of a team getting to the top of the mountain and instantly forgetting how difficult it was to get there. There have been 55 Super Bowls and teams have only repeated 8 times.

Now, there are 5 components that instantly destroy the chances of an NFL team building a dynasty – injuries, age, free agency, coaches leaving, and handing over a bunch of grade-a bulletin board material to the rest of the NFL. The reality is it’s hard enough to repeat in the NFL simply because of injuries, but when you start talking about building a dynasty publicly you give the rest of the NFL additional motivation to shut your team down.

Defining a Dynasty

Can you imagine Bill Belichick or any New England Patriots player doing an interview after their first Super Bowl win and bragging about how they are going to build a dynasty? You and I both know that would never happen.

Historically in the NFL, the Steelers, 49ers, Patriots, and Cowboys are the only teams that can lay claim to any kind of dynasty achievement. Each team won at least 3 Super Bowl rings in a 5 year period which is my current standard of what puts a team into the dynasty category.

Look, there is nothing wrong with winning one or two rings and claiming you had a great team. Take, the 85 Chicago Bears, who are widely regarded as the best defensive team of all-time. The Bears had a great couple years but only walked away with one ring. Making the leap into the dynasty category requires far more success over a longer period of time.


What Chris Jones and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs apparently have forgotten is the New England Patriots actually put together 2 dynasties.

The first dynasty lasted just 5 years as the team won the 2002, 2004, and 2005 Super Bowls. Then from a dynasty perspective, the Patriots went on 10-year dynasty hiatuses. The second dynasty included Super Bowl wins in 2015, 2017, and 2019. As dominant as the Patriots were it did take them 17 years to win 6 rings.

Look, the reality is it’s hard enough to hunt down back to back rings and the last thing the Kansas City Chiefs should be doing is giving the rest of the NFL extra motivation to shut them down. When the Chiefs win 3 Super Bowls in 5 years, then and only then should a dynasty conversation begin.

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