Everyone Wins In The Jamal Adams Trade

Everyone Wins In The Jamal Adams Trade

I get it, the New York Jets organization is a mess, but this is one time in the past couple years that the organization appears to have gotten something correct.

The Jets sent their disgruntled all-pro safety Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for 2 number one draft picks in 2021, 2022. They also received a third-round pick in 2021 and more importantly scored veteran safety Bradley McDougland from the Seahawks, who will be an adequate replacement for Adams.

As for Jamal Adams heading to Seattle, this is a great move by the Seahawks who solidified their defense with the best all-around safety in the game. This is yet another huge win for the Seahawks who year in and year out always figure out how to put playoff-caliber teams together. Adams will certainly bring some of that old legion of boom swagger back to the secondary which makes the NFC West even more interesting.

Grade A For Jets Joe Douglas

You really have to give the Jets general manager Joe Douglas a “Grade-A” for this trade. Considering Douglas had no choice but to make a deal.

Sure the Jets are worse off a few days after the trade, but they did score those 2 first-round draft picks which are essentially gold when it comes to leverage in future drafts.

Picking up McDougland to go with Marcus Maye, and Ashtyn Davis in the secondary is another reason Douglas gets such a high-grade.

Douglas who inherited head-coach Adam Gase from Jets CEO Christopher Johnson who made the terrible decision to hire Adam Gase, just two weeks after he was fired from the Dolphins.

Here’s what Johnson said about the decision to hire Gase at that time:
“I get it,” Johnson said, via ESPN’s Rich Cimini. “Part of it is I have to earn their trust. We just had a couple of down years. I have to earn their trust. I think they will see, if not right now, they’ll see it pretty soon as a great hire.”

“I’m not trying to win Twitter. I’m trying to win football games. I think we’re going to win some football games here.”

Congrats on winning some football games last year Christopher, as Adam Gase lead your team to a 7-9 record and proceeded to alienate your best player to the point that all he could do was ask for a trade publicly.


Wake Up Jet Fans, Adam Gase Is The Issue!
Sure, the Jets made the extremely bad move of hiring head coach Adam Gase after his train wreck in Miami. Gase, went 23-25 in his 3 seasons leading the Dolphins and should have been giving a least one more year to turn things around, but the Dolphins front office knew that he had lost the locker room.

Simply put, Gase record earned him at least one more year, so for the Dolphins to fire Gase, he clearly lost the majority of the locker room.

Look, the first rule in hiring a head coach who has failed in the past is to not turn them into a retread head-coach until they’ve had some time to succeed in a coordinator position. It’s that age-old saying “sometimes you have to take a step back, to move forward.” Bill Belichick, is a prime example of how this works. First, he failed with the Browns, then he became a coordinator before he was eventually hired as head coach.

The Jet’s ignored this vital retread head-coach rule and now they are going to get to hold a press conference at some point in the next 12 months and talk about how they are heading in a new direction.

Maybe if we are lucky, Jets CEO Christopher Johnson will tell another ESPN reporter that he hopes the new direction will help the team win some more games. Clearly, Christopher Johnson has embarked on his own version of groundhog day.

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