The Risk And Rewards Of Dealing With Antonio Brown

The Risk And Rewards Of Dealing With Antonio Brown

The NFL finally made its decision on Antonio Brown and announced that Brown will be suspended for 8-games.

According to NFL Network, Tom Pelissero is reporting that Brown’s suspension could be extended if further violations are found related to an ongoing civil suit in Florida. He was arrested after an incident with a moving driver back in January.


Now teams around the NFL get to struggle with the prospects of bringing in one of the best receivers in the game who is also one of the biggest headcases.

Browns on the field and off the field antics have been well documented which lead to a court-ordered mental health evaluation. According to Browns Attorney Lorne Berkely, the court-ordered mental health evaluation has determined the wide-receiver is “perfectly mentally fine.’’

Regardless of the results, it is clear that any team that dives into Antonio Browns’ world is going to need to weight the risks and rewards before they even consider bringing the embattled wide-receiver onto their team.

The risks are Brown shows up mid-way through the season and totally disrupts your team’s chemistry with his off the wall behavior. Browns’ track record of disruptive behavior includes refusing to go into a game, not showing up for practice, not showing up for a game, and arguing with quarterbacks and coaches during a game.

Another risk is the fact that the NFL may extend his 8-game suspension pending findings from an ongoing civil suit in Florida. Look, the reality is if you bring in Brown you risk allowing a circus-like atmosphere to breakout inside and outside your locker room.

The types of teams that should be in the Antonio Brown business will need to have the backing of a strong organization and coaching staff. While teams like the Bengals and Lions that have no chance of making a legit playoff run should not consider bringing Brown because he is only worth brining in if your heading towards the playoffs.

Clearly the only teams that should consider Brown should be legit playoff contenders.

The rewards of bringing in Brown could be huge for a playoff contender. Brown appears to be in great shape and he can dramatically improve just about any offense. Not only can he stretch the field, but he is one of the best route runners in the game which could turn a playoff team into a Super Bowl contender.

The reality is Brown will need to find the right situation if he is going to ever score another touchdown in the NFL.

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