MLB Finally Thinking Ahead As A Playoff Bubble Becomes An Option

MLB Finally Thinking Ahead As A Playoff Bubble Becomes An Option

Major League Baseball’s decision to allow its teams to fly around the country during a pandemic is equal to the league seeing an iceberg but not reacting fast enough to avoid a collision.

The league was clearly aware of the risks of traveling around the country and the decision to forgo a bubble made little sense as it requires players and coaches to be flawless in policing themselves. To this point, there have been two major coronavirus outbreaks that the public is aware of.

The Marlins and Cardinals are prime examples of teams ignoring the dangers of going out for a night on the town.

With over $2 billion dollars in playoff television revenue on the line, MLB appears to finally be aware that if the iceberg hits land during the playoffs that its revenue could evaporate faster then Kanye West’s run for president.


If Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has proved anything over the past 6 months it has to be his inability to lead a major sport during a pandemic.

Still, Manfred has one more opportunity to redeem himself. With $2 billion dollars on the line, Manfred should be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure a World Series happens.

Look even if it costs MLB $200 million dollars to build a bubble it would be worth every penny for the league to ensure that playoff baseball is played in October and that’s math that not even Rob Manfred can disagree with.

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