Ridiculous Calls By Refs Leads To Unjustified Porzingis Ejection

Ridiculous Calls By Refs Leads To Unjustified Porzingis Ejection

Let’s start with the fact that Adam Silver has done a fantastic job navigating the coronavirus to the point that the NBA actually was able to tip off its playoffs today with 4 games. That’s the good news, the bad news is Silver has been unable to eradicate horrific calls by refs which must have The Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban fuming.

The latest player to be victimized by terrible calls was Dallas Mavericks star Kristaps Porzingis who was ejected from the Mavs-Clippers Game 1 roller-coaster battle.

First Porzingis received a technical foul in the first half of the game when he argued with a ref about a questionable foul call on a blocked shot. The replay clearly shows it was a clean block and Porzingis should have never received a technical foul for the argument in the first place.

The second technical foul was just as bogus as the first call as all he did was go in to protect teammate Luka Doncic, who had gotten tangled up with the Clippers’ Marcus Morris. This occurred at 9:10 left in the third quarter. Marcus Morris who is well-known for instigating disputes was clearly trying to get Porzingis to take a swing at him. But like the overwhelming majority of NBA disputes, it never escalated into a fight. It was really just a classic NBA verbal dispute between opposing players that was cut short when they were pulled apart.

Clearly, there was no reason for either player to receive a technical foul, but that’s not how the refs saw at and gave them both technical fouls. Since it was Porzingis’ second rediculous technical of the night he was escorted out of the arena.


The Twitter reaction which is normally split into 18 different directions was primarily unified that Porzingis was indeed victimized by not one, but by two horrifically bad calls by the refs. Heck, even the Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers was on Porzingis side:

The call was bad. “I hate that,” Doc Rivers said of the ejection in between the third and fourth quarter of the broadcast. “But we’ve got to take advantage.”

When asked postgame if he should have been ejected, Porzingis said, “Of course not.”

The MIGHTY line is that it’s great to have the NBA back, even tonights unjustified Porzingis ejection is way better than having to relieve season 9 of Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger. Still, I really hate seeing NBA refs decide games.

A quick solution to this problem is to give the NBA refs sitting in that plush studio somewhere in New York the ability to reverse blatantly incorrect technical fouls.

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