The Legend of Boban Marjanovic Grows In NBA Bubble Post-Game Interview

The Legend of Boban Marjanovic Grows In NBA Bubble Post-Game Interview

When you look at the stats from last night’s Dallas Mavericks victory over the Clippers you have to wonder why the team at TNT Inside The NBA decided to interview Boban Marjanovic. It’s not like he scored more points then Luka, Porzingis, Tim Hardway Jr., Trey Burke, and Seth Curry.

Boban who has played five seasons for five different teams averages less than 10 minutes per game, but has turned into a Mavericks fan favorite which is nothing new for him. Throughout his NBA journey, the 7’4 role player has captivated fans in each NBA city he has played in which he parlayed into a legendary fight-scene in his motion picture debut in John Wick 3.

On Wednesday night Boban played 9 minutes, scored 13 points, and grabbed 9 rebounds and captivated a national audience with his hard play. After the win, it was Boban who joined Charles, Shaq, Kenny, and Ernie. It was actually the first time he was interviewed by the Inside The NBA crew and he clearly was surprised and excited to get the chance to conduct the post-game interview.

“It’s my first time here and I’m nervous, and I’m scared because my headphones don’t fit on my ears and my head,” he said to start the interview. “If I break it, I’ll buy a new one.”

The 5-minute interview was pure Boban, who avoided the classic sports cliches like “we played hard tonight” and “we are taking it one game at a time.” He answered the questions with enthusiasm, humor, and witty responses which had the TNT crew rolling. The interview concluded with Boban giving Shaq his best Lurch impression from the Addams Family with “You Rang?”

It was by far the best post-game interview of the NBA bubble so far.


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