NBA & WNBA Players Boycott Tonights Games For All The Right Reasons

NBA & WNBA Players Boycott Tonights Games For All The Right Reasons

On Wednesday the NBA and WNBA players took a stand today against the Jacob Blake shooting. The players collectively decided to boycott tonight’s games in an effort to apply pressure to local, state, and the federal government to issue real police reforms. The efforts of the players, owners, and many members of the media are being done for all the right reasons.

The players are not boycotting the games for some political agenda, they simply want racial injustice to stop. Sure, the league is going to lose some money, but ultimately a person’s life is more important than a basketball going through a hole.

Regardless of the political side of the fence that you may live in, I hope that will agree that an unarmed man should not be shot 7 times in the back. That being said, in my opinion, the only way we will see any real change occur is if there is a national policy issued that delivers real police reform.


During uncertain times like these, it’s hard to make a statement like “politics aside” because what we are witnessing in this country right now is a direct result of hundreds of years of political policies that intentionally or not have made it acceptable for a police officer to shot a man in the back 7 times.

While the policies of the past got us here, what is even worse is it appears that a large portion of our political system would rather ignore the actually shooting and turn the obvious need for police reform into a purposeful inaccurate characterization that one of the political party wants to abolish police departments across the country.

I use the term “purposeful inaccurate” to simply describe what a certain political party is actually campaigning on. Now some will say the left and the right are equally as bad, but that statement is completely false as one party wants to prevent people from actually voting.

At no point in American history have we watched such a strategic line of false narratives being broadcast across the airwaves. The reality is really good people are purposefully looking the other way in an effort to protect their own personal agendas. This my friends are the most dangerous lines I’ve ever written.

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