The New Orleans Saints Should Pay Alvin Kamara

The New Orleans Saints Should Pay Alvin Kamara

Just last week we rolled out our NFC South Preview and Predictions which at the time did not take into account the absolute silliness of the New Orleans Saints organization deciding to play contract hardball with Alvin Kamara.

Certainly, I never thought the Saints were going to literally decide to throw away one of their key Super Bowl pieces before the start of the season. My first instinct was to find out if the Texans head coach/GM Bill O’Brien has been moonlighting as a Saints consultant?

After an in-depth 45-second investigation into the matter, I can confidently tell you with certainty that O’Brien is not currently on the Saints payroll.

So why in the world would the Saints with just a week before the start of the season put Alvin Kamara on the trading block? Kamara who can make a legit argument for a $12 to $15 million dollar a year deal is upset about how negotiations are going. Kamara is scheduled to make just $2.3 million dollars this year is in the final year of his rookie contract.

The reality is he has certainly proven his value to the Saints and to the rest of the NFL. But this is the year 2020 and things are definitely a little strange out there. Take Leonard Fournette who rushed for over 1,200 yards last season for the Jags and was flat out released earlier in the week. If you’re a Jags fan I recommend picking up a trust the process shirt from the clearance section of the 76ers website.

As for Kamara he averaged 4.7 yards a carry and only rushed the ball 171 times for 797 yards in 2019. He added another 500 yards in reception yards and is a key part of the Saints deception offense.


The Saints are certainly not functioning on cylinders if Kamara walks out the door this year. Maybe this whole Kamara is on the trading block thing is just a negotiation tactic, but either way, this is not a wise way to be walking into the start of the season.

From a salary cap perspective, they can afford to pay Kamara and sure they will need to move a few things around to make it work, but let’s face it, this is most likely Drew Brees’ final season. The Saints are going to need Kamara to stick around during the transitional QB years which most likely will start in 2021.

Simply put, the Saints are being ridiculous and should take care of Kamara who has absolutely earned the raise.

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