2020 NFL Division Winners And Super Bowl Predictions

2020 NFL Division Winners And Super Bowl Predictions

Every year for the past 10 years I’ve made predictions about who is going to win each division and who I eventually think is going put a new diamond ring on their finger.

Over the past month, I’ve reviewed each division in detail and analyzed everything from roster moves to the totally dope Los Angeles Chargers uniforms.

Now as we all know this year comes with a wide variety of additional issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic, still assuming a complete season is played here are my division winners and Super Bowl champion:

AFC East: New England Patriots
AFC South: Houston Texans
AFC North: Baltimore Ravens
AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys
NFC South: New Orleans Saints
NFC North: Minnesota Vikings
NFC West: Los Angeles Rams

Super Bowl: Cowboys beat KC

As the season kicks-off in less than 24 hours I can confidently tell you that I’ve never picked the Dallas Cowboys to run the table. Now when you analyze the Cowboys in great detail you realize that have more than enough talent on both sides of the ball to win the Super Bowl. One of my main reasons for picking the Cowboys is the fact that Jason Garrett has finally moved on and Jerry Jones didn’t bring in a college coach. Jones will do that after the Cowboys win a Super Bowl.

With Mike McCarthy running the show in Dallas, I figure the team as its put together today has a 2-year window to win the Super Bowl. McCarthy has essentially been handed the keys to a high performance sports car and all he has to do is keep the car on the road. Look, McCarthy has never been given the opportunity to coach a team that is willing to spend money and he certainly understands what it takes to win a Super Bowl.

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