The Los Angeles Rams Are Just Flaunting Their Money

The Los Angeles Rams Are Just Flaunting Their Money

This weekend the National Football League kicked off its 2020 season and the feature game on Sunday night was the Los Angeles Rams hosting the Dallas Cowboys in the brand new SoFi Stadium.  It was an embarrassing example of the rich flaunting their money for all to see.

The Rams have officially become the poster child for economic disparity in the world.  The stadium reportedly cost $5-billion, which is more than the three of the most recent new stadiums combined, with Allegiant Stadium ($1.85b), Mercedes Benz Stadium ($1.6b), and U.S. Bank Stadium ($1.1b) totaling around $4.45-billion.

Earlier in the day, the Rams signed Cooper Kupp to a deal that will pay him $48-million over three years, putting him just outside the top-10 in the league for a wide receiver.  Cooper Kupp?  Look, I like the little guy, but you can’t tell me Cooper Kupp is close to a top-10 wide receiver in the league.  In my opinion, he’s not as good as teammate Robert Woods, who makes around $6.8-million. 

This has now become a trend for the Rams, who once made Jared Goff the top paid quarterback in the league.  He still sits at No. 4 in highest-paid quarterbacks, making somewhere in the neighborhood of $33-million a year.  Anybody out there think Jared Goff is a top-5 quarterback in the league?  Better yet, does anyone think he’s a top-20 quarterback?  I don’t.

Speaking of the neighborhood, does anyone out there know where this brand new whorehouse is located?  That’s right, smack dab in the middle of one of the poorest neighborhoods in the region….Inglewood.  With schools falling apart and families having a difficult time making ends meet, Stan Kroenke and company decided to build a brothel in a neighborhood where you have a 1-in-32 chance of being a victim of violent crime or property crime. 

I’ve got a better idea, Stan.  How about you build a $3-billion stadium and spend the other chump change on building up the neighborhood.  How about new schools and technology within them?  I’m sure you’ll make a handful of donations to local municipalities to make yourself look like charitable on the surface, but let’s not pretend you won’t write them off on your taxes. 

The gentrification of the neighborhood has already started.  Housing prices in the area jumped a reported 63% from 2014 to 2018 and now the average medium home now costs around $606k, up nearly 100k from just two years ago.  Where are all of the locals going to live?

The Coronavirus has been a temporary setback to Kroenke and other NFL owners when it comes to ticket sales.  The Rams were set to have a median ticket price of around $350-per-game in 2020, with high-end tickets going for as much as $44,000.  Seriously, 44k to see those new ugly uniforms?  How much did they pay the designer?  The logo itself would have Georgia Frontieri rolling over in the ocean. Oh wait, that was her sixth of seven husbands.  Strike that comment. That was the previous ridiculous Rams owner. 

The Los Angeles Rams have become obscene, folks. That’s the point. They are flashing cash like a Hip Hop Artist after his first hit single.  Some would call it flaunting.

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