NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Chiefs, Ravens & Seahawks Move Up to 5th

NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Chiefs, Ravens & Seahawks Move Up to 5th

First things first, it was great to see a full weekend of National Football League games especially if you consider just 4 months ago the only live sporting event going on in the world was a game of horse that the NBA produced.

It’s funny how the first weekend of football almost always rips major holes in all those offseason predictions or does it? While I did not actually predict Trevor Lawrence’s Jaguars were going to beat the Colts at home, I have been predicting that Philip Rivers is an old dog that can’t be taught new tricks. 365 yards passing, 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions are exactly who Rivers is at this stage of his career. The only difference is this time he posted those numbers with a horseshoe on his helmet.

Look, after watching 4 missed kicks by future Hall of Famer Stephen Gostkowski on Monday Night Football, I can confidently say that this year is unlike any other year in the history of the NFL. With either a limited number of fans or no fans in the stands in the stands, the game is developing a few new wrinkles worth keeping an eye on.

Heading into week 2, you can bet ever NFL quarterback is going to spend extra time working on hard counts. Nothing extends a drive like drawing a d-lineman across the line scrimmage earlier.

As always I never allow teams that have not won a game into my 10 top power rankings. Time to say goodbye to the 49ers, Vikings, and Cowboys and welcome in the Seahawks, Steelers, and Cardinals. Don’t adjust your glasses, I did indeed write “Cardinals.”

Top 10 Power Rankings Week 2

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Sure rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire was outstanding in his debut against the Texans, but he will encounter a better d-line on Sunday in LA. While I doubt the Chargers will win this game, I suspect they will keep things close for a while before Mahomes and Kelce start exploiting the middle of the field. The Chiefs simply have to many weapons for the Chargers to handle.

2. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens are in for a surprise this weekend as Bill O’Brien will have the Texans looking for an upset. Something tells me that Ravens are in trouble this weekend as the Texans offense is way better than it performed against the Chiefs.

3. Los Angeles Rams – I know Jared Goff didn’t throw a touchdown against the Cowboys, but he still did an excellent job moving the team up and down the field. You can just see the confidence building in Goff and head coach Sean McVay, so much so I believe they believe they can win anywhere outside of KC on any given Sunday. The Rams will take down their second NFC east opponent in back to back weeks in Philadelphia. I doubt Carson Wentz is going to have enough time to shine this weekend and if he struggles too much in the first half of the game, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Eagles trade for Nick Foles at half-time.

4. New Orleans Saints – Yes, the Saints took down a 43-year-old quarterback on a new team last weekend. The Saints on paper are lightyears better than the Raiders, but Jon Gruden will have his new Deathstar fueled up and ready to go in Las Vegas on Sunday. Simply put, the Saints should win this game by 20 points, but Gruden will have the Raiders ready to go. It basically comes down to the Saints defense containing Josh Jacobs. The Saints will win, but it won’t be pretty.

5: Seattle Seahawks – After 1 week, the MVP leader is Russell Wilson. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget how great Wilson is. Adding Jamal Adams to the secondary was a brilliant move. Adams will not allow Cam Newton to rush for 75 yards this weekend and score 2 touchdowns on the ground. Belichick is brilliant, but the Seahawks have way too much firepower even if they get outcoached a bit by Belichick.

6: Buffalo Bills – Josh Allen proved again why I call him one of the most exciting young QBs in the NFL. Sure it was just the Jets they beat, but they should have no problems in Miami this weekend. The Dolphins might hang with the Bills for a few quarters but their secondary will not be able to contain the talented group of wide-receivers the Bills will have lined up.

7: Pittsburgh Steelers – I’ve always loved Mike Tomlin as a head coach, but let’s not overreact after just 1 week. They beat a New York Giants team that they were supposed to beat. Speaking of games they should win, the injury-plagued Broncos are coming to town. Surprisingly Big Ben looks like he has a lot left in the tank which means another Steeler victory over a team they should beat.

8: Tennessee Titans – Kicking issues aside, the Jags are heading to Tennessee to get crushed by the Titans. Sure Ryan Tannehill will not have to throw the ball 43 times in Sunday’s game, but the Titans do need to open up some actual holes for Derrick Henry. The Titans should win this game easily and the Jags will get back on the yellow brick road to Trevor Lawrence.

9: Green Bay Packers – You know greatness when you see it and Aaron Rodgers is still great. He basically had so much time in the pocket on Sunday against the Vikes that he was able to call Jake from State Farm and update his homeowner’s insurance policy. Look, anything can happen in these NFC North division games and I’m sure Stafford and Rodgers will have another QB induced slugfest. The Packers should win, but…

10: Arizona Cardinals – While I suspected the Cardinals were going to be a vastly improved team this year, but I didn’t think it would happen in week 1 against the 49ers. The Cardinals are way ahead of schedule which means it’s going to be difficult the Washinton Football Team to shutdown Kyler Murray and his high-octane offense. This game will be close, but the Cardinals will win and the rest of the media will start to move them up in their power rankings next week.

The Trailers

11: New England Patriots – Belichick is going to need to find additional offensive weapons to move into the top 10.
12: Dallas Cowboys – The refs stole the game from the Cowboys. They will redeem themselves at home against the Falcons.
13: San Francisco 49ers – Heading across the country is never easy, but the Jets are that bad. Easy win for the 49ers.
14: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Bucs loss was not all Bradys fault. They will handle a bad Panther defense that got no pressure on Carr in week 1.
15: Minnesota Vikings – This is a must-win for the Vikes who’s young secondary needs to grow up quickly if they are going to beat Philip Rivers.
16: Denver Broncos – The Broncos played well enough to win and probably would have beat the Titans if their outstanding rookie wide receiver Jerry Jeudy had not dropped a few key passes. Injuries are the name of the game and they will find it tough to take down the Steelers in Pittsburgh this weekend.
17: Washington Football Team – Ron Rivera is a hell of a coach, but his secondary is going to be in for a long day in Arizona.
18: Las Vegas Raiders – The Raiders open up their new Deathstar stadium, but as usual, the NFL doesn’t like the Raiders as they Saints are marching into town. If somehow the Raiders beat the Saints, which I doubt they will, you can expect Raiders nation to start booking hotel rooms in Tampa for February.
19: Los Angeles Chargers – By far the best new uniforms in the game. I suspect they will keep the game close against the Chiefs for 3 quarters.
20: Chicago Bears – In Mitch, we don’t trust is the cry of Bears fans around the world. Despite their Week 1 come from behind victory over the Lions nobody trusts Trubisky in Chicago. But the Giants are coming to town which should secure them a second victory.
21: Houston Texans – Bill O’Brien will make adjustments and the Texans will shock the NFL by beating the Ravens. UPSET SPECIAL OF THE WEEK.
22: Atlanta Falcons – I feel bad for the Falcons because their offense is solid, but their defense is a mess. They will get crushed by the Cowboys this weekend.
23: Philadelphia Eagles – The pressure is on Carson Wentz to play a complete game. They are in trouble against the Rams for a wide variety of reasons that has nothing to do with Wentz.
24: Jacksonville Jaguars – Everyone thought the goal was securing the rights to Trevor Trevor Lawrence but the Jags can’t even do that right as they upset the Colts in week 1.
25: Indianapolis Colts – As hard on Philip Rivers as I am, Sunday’s matchup against the Vikings is the perfect game for him to torch an extremely young Minnesota Viking secondary.
26: Carolina Panthers – The good news is the Bucs are a bit of a mess internally, but I suspect Tom Brady will be able to order dinner from the pocket because the Panthers won’t be able to apply enough pressure to stop the 43-year-old GOAT from finding his stride.
27: Cleveland Browns – Baker has been bad for a long time, but this is a game the Browns should win.
28: Detriot Lions – Yes, it’s the same old Lions. But they will make things interesting in the 4th quarter against the Packers because Stafford is still a gunslinger.
29: Miami Dolphins – Tua watch enters its second week. Fitzpatrick will be extra motivated to beat the Bills. The Dolphins are improving but will fall short against Josh Allens’ arm.
30: Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow actually played pretty well in his NFL debut. He should get his first TD pass in a loss to the Browns.
31: New York Giants – The Giants didn’t play as bad as everyone said on Monday Night Football. Still, I doubt they will make enough running game adjustments to win the game.
32: New York Jets – Adam Gase should be fired if the 49ers win by more than 30 points.

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