Cam Newton Silences The Critics After Just 2 Games As A Patriot

Cam Newton Silences The Critics After Just 2 Games As A Patriot

Do you remember all the critics talking about how Cam Newton is washed up? They said his mechanics couldn’t be fixed and implied that he wasn’t a team player. At the time I said both of those statements were ridiculous.

Normally I would not say a QB is good after a defeat, but Cam Newton has earned the right to receive some praise for his play in his team’s defeat to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night.

Newton completed 30 of 44 passes for 396 yards in the air, and for the second week in a row, he rushed for 2 touchdowns. Now the Patriots as a whole played a pretty good game even though they gave up 5 touchdown passes to Russell Wilson.

As for Newton, his struggles to find a team willing to hire him have been well documented which makes his performance so far this season that much more impressive.

The reality is the season is young, so I want to avoid overreacting to Newtons’ first 2 games with the Patriots. Still, watching Newton play at a high level on Sunday Night was great to watch and it silenced his critics. His mechanics were good, his decision making was better, and his leadership skills were excellent.

Minus Julian Edelman, on-paper the Patriots have a weak receiving core, still, Netwon was able to throw receivers open all-night which is impressive if consider how many live-fire hours of practice he has had with the team.

Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization are playing the game of football at a different level than the rest of the NFL. If you look closely at this Patriots roster, they had no business nearly beating the Seahawks.

Yet here I am once again marveling at how a really well run organization makes all the difference in the NFL.

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