Las Vegas Raiders Shot Down Saints From Their New Death Star

Las Vegas Raiders Shot Down Saints From Their New Death Star

The Raiders performed so well tonight that even Darth Vader must have been smiling from under his black helmet.

The Las Vegas Raiders pulled off a bit of an upset in their Las Vegas debut as they shot down the Saints 34-24 from their beautiful new “Death Star” stadium.

Now it’s one thing for the Raiders to fly across the country and win a dog-fight with the Carolina Panthers, but it’s a whole other thing to beat the powerful New Orleans Saints in your first home game from your new $2 billion dollar stadium in Las Vegas.

I’m sure Darth Vader would enjoy a few of the engineering marvels of the Raiders’new home which comes fully equipped with a grass-field that is grown outside and slides into the stadium on a fully automated tray. But I’m willing to bet Vader would absolutely love the Al Davis Memorial Torch which is going to be lit before each home game. Seriously, lighting a torch is such a dark side of the force move.

So far the move to Las Vegas has been good for Derek Carr and his tight end Darren Waller. Carr completed 28 of 38 passes for 282 yards and threw 3 touchdowns and didn’t complete any passes to the Saints. Waller¬†had 12 receptions for 103 yards and definitely has become Carr’s get out of jail-card. Simply put Waller is now one of the top 3 tight ends in football.

“Derek Carr was awesome tonight,” Jon Gruden said. “He made some some plays today that very few guys that I’ve coached could make. I tip my hat to him.”

“This organization means everything to me,” Carr said. “They’ve stuck behind me through some hard times. Through some times our team, we struggled, there’s no doubt about it. But when you can get on the other side of things, be 2-0, as the Las Vegas Raiders, that’s a pretty cool thing.”

I have too say that the Raiders have surprised me the most of any team in this young NFL season. It’s not that they are 2-0, its how under control the offense was in tonight’s game that has me believing the Raiders are for real this year.

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