Joe Burrow Has Gone From Cigars To Lying On His Back

Joe Burrow Has Gone From Cigars To Lying On His Back

You can now remove that smug look!

It’s amazing how Cincinnati can change your attitude. Take Joe Burrow, for instance, who has been introduced to one of the worst franchises in the NFL over the past three weeks.

It was just eight short months ago when Joe Burrow was sporting a smug look on his face while smoking a cigar in the locker room after a 42-25 win against Clemson in the NCAA national title game in January.

Fast-forward the clock eight months and Burrow is now searching for the best chiropractor in town.  The Bengal starter has been sacked 14 times in three games, including eight times on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. 

By the time Cincinnati figures out a plan for their offensive line woes, Burrow will be seeing ghosts and his collarbone will have more cracks than the San Andreas Fault Line. 

It all came to a boiling point on Sunday when Burrow was blasted from the blindside by Eagle defensive tackle Malik Jackson, thus drawing a 15-yard penalty on Jackson.  My first thought was; Welcome to the NFL, kid!  Now, get rid of that smug look on your face.  The cigar is on me. 

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