Point. Counter-Point. NFL Week 3 Rewind

NFL: Point, Counter-Point. Week 3 Rewind

Wow, not too many surprises in week 3 with the exception of a realization that the New York Giants might be worse than the New York Jets.

Sure, the Bills took down the Rams, but it was close and then there was that MVP caliber performance Russell Wilson put on against the Cowboys. Players on both teams’ defenses appeared to be worried about being fined for actually making a tackle in this one.

The race to the bottom of the NFL is on as the Texans, Vikings, Bengals, Jets, Giants, Broncos, Eagles, and Falcons continued to avoid finding a way to get in the win column. Apparently, someone reminded Ryan Fitzpatrick that he occasionally looks like a hall-of-fame QB as he threw 2 touchdown passes and avoided completing any passes to the Jaguars.

Aaron Rodgers continues to look great and Drew Brees has finally grown old. Speaking of old, Tom Brady proved that having a great defense is a temporary cure for old age, and Dan Quinn and Adam Gase still have head coaching jobs in the NFL which of course makes no-sense.

Several local Cincinnati area hospitals have readied their trauma centers for the eventual admittance of Bengals QB Joe Burrow who was sacked 8 times and hit 18 times by the not so good Philadelphia Eagles defense.

Cam Newton continues to make Bill Belichick look like a genius or is it the other way around? Either way, all the critics who said the Patriots are dead this year have officially shifted there talking points to include the Pats in their way to early Super Bowl conversations.

On Monday Night Football Patrick Mahomes proved once again that he is better than Lamar Jackson and Andy Reed proved he spent some serious time during the off-season on a game-plan that would shut down Jackson and find a way to get a tackle a touchdown reception.

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