Week 4 NFL Power Rankings And Predictions: Patriots Move Into Top 10

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings And Predictions: Patriots Move Into Top 10

I’ve got some major changes to our power rankings this week. Let’s just say the Patriots have moved into the top 10 for the first time all season and the Seahawks are climbing up the charts.

Top 10 Power Rankings Week 4

1. Kansas City Chiefs – A few weeks ago they barely beat the Chargers, but on Monday Night Football the Chiefs proved without a doubt that they are the best team in the NFL. Andy Reed’s plan of attack was so good that Patrick Mahomes even got to throw a touchdown to a tackle. Enough said. Next up the Chiefs host the Patriots which is never an easy task. The Chiefs should win but Bill Belichick’s running attack could slow the game down enough to make things interesting in the 4th quarter.

2. Seattle Seahawks  – Russell Wilson is playing so good that it doesn’t matter how bad the Seahawks defense has been so far this season. This week the Seahawks head to Miami and will probably end up in another high scoring affair which they will ultimately win because Russell Wilson is heading the hall of fame and Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t.

3. Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers continues to impress and Matt LaFleur seems to be way more prepared to make in-game adjustments this year. Mike Pettine’s defense will figure out how to slow down Matt Ryan just enough for the Packers to win by a touchdown on Monday Night Football at Lambeau Field.

4. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens are going to be a little flat in D.C this weekend, but Lamar Jackson will eventually wake up and run all over the Washington Football Team.

5: Buffalo Bills – Sure the Bills beat the Rams at home, but they gave up a 25 point lead and needed a terrible pass interface call to secure the win. This weekend they head to Vegas and will fly back home on Sunday Night disliking the new Death Star. That’s right Bill’s fans I’m predicting a Raiders victory in this one.

6: New England Patriots – Belichick seems totally comfortable with Cam’s skill set. So much so that the Patriots moved up 5 spots this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pats beat the Chiefs in KC on Sunday, but after watching Patrick Mahomes Monday Night Football performance it’s hard to imagine that the Pats have enough weapons to win. Still expect the Patriots to run the ball a ton in this game which should keep things interesting heading into the 4th quarter.

7. Los Angeles Rams – Yes the Rams got beat on a bad pass interface call which was indeed ironic. Still, I believe in this Rams team and they will rebound against the New York Giants who will be lucky to score 10 points in Los Angeles.

8: Pittsburgh Steelers – A sign of a good team is to easily beat bad teams and that’s exactly what the Steelers did to the Houston Texans. Mike Tomlin has the Steelers playing well in all 3 phases of the game and I expect them to beat the Titans this weekend or whenever this game is played.

9: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Brady handled his business against Denver. Let’s just say a cure for old age is a great defense. At this point, I’d say Tom Brady is starting to figure things out and the Chargers come to town banged up, so this should be another easy win for Tamp Tom.

10: Tennessee Titans 
– Simply put Mike Vrabel outcoached the Vikings coach staff on Sunday. Vrabel made the necessary adjustments and managed the clock correctly which was something the head coach of the Vikings did not do. Still, I don’t think they are strong enough on defense yet to handle a team like the Steelers, even if the game is at home.

The Trailers

11: Dallas Cowboys – After a historic comeback against the Falcons two weeks ago. A dog fight against the Seahawks which was a game they could have won if they could only remember how to tackle. Luckily, the one-dimensional Baker Mayfield is coming to town which will spell a victory for the Cowboys.

12: New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees continued to struggle against the Packers, but this week I expect them to rebound in Detriot. The Lions pass rush is a mess and the secondary is full of holes which is the perfect medicine for a struggling high-power offense.

13: San Francisco 49ers – Heading across the country is never easy, but the 49ers did in back to back weeks against the 2 worst teams in the NFL. The Giants and Jets barely have enough quality players to make-up a mediocre CFL team. This week the 49ers get to beat up on another bad team as Carson Wentz and the Eagles are coming to town.

14: Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals blew it at home and seemed at times unable to make adjustments against the weaker Lions. This weekend they head to Carolina for a game they should win. From a match-up perspective, all arrows point to an easy Arizona win.

15: Las Vegas Raiders – The Raiders opened up their new Death Star Stadium with an impressive win over the New Orleans Saints two weeks ago. The got outcoached by the Patriots last week but will rebound this weekend against the Bills. Some people will call it an upset, but if the Raiders get back to running the ball, they should control the clock enough to keep Josh Allen off the field.

16: Chicago Bears – I guess it’s time to give the Bears head coach Matt Nagy some respect for making a QB change in the middle of game when your team is 2-0. While I’m sure we will see Mitch again this year, for now it Nick Foles gig to lose. I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but the Bears will be 4-0 after they sneak by the Colts at home.

17: Indianapolis Colts – Philip Rivers continues to prove he is still good enough to win games in the NFL. However, this weekend they leave Chicago with their 2nd defeat of the year.

18: Los Angeles Chargers – Losing the way they lost to the Panthers at home is unacceptable if you’re a Chargers player. Now the team has to travel to Tampa Bay and deal with Tom Brady and one of the best defenses in the game.

19: Cleveland Browns – Baker Mayfield is a game manager. He should have never been picked first in the NFL draft which as clear as water is wet. This weekend they will get beat by a far better Dallas Cowboy team that will leave the game feeling like they are Super Bowl contenders.

20: Miami Dolphins – Tua watch enters week 4. The Dolphins are coming off their first win of the year and this week Ryan Fitzpatrick will turn into the overconfident version of himself and throw at least 2 interceptions in a Dolphins lose to the Seahawks at home.

The Bottom

21: Atlanta Falcons – Despite Dan Quinn blowing it again giving up another huge lead on the way to defeat, I think the Falcons offense will keep them in most games this year. Sure, they are going to get beat by the Packers on Monday Night Football, but it will be a respectable loss.
22: Jacksonville Jaguars – Gardner is just like Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is really good one week and not so good the next. This week he will be good, but Joe Burrow will throw at least 50 passes to secure the first victory of his career.
23: Minnesota Vikings – The Vikes played way better against the Titans. Rookie WR Justin Jefferson has given every Viking a sense of renewed hope heading into their game against the Texans. A game that Vikes will find a way to win.
24: Denver Broncos – The Broncos are a mess primarily because of injuries, but they still should beat the Jets in New York on Thursday Night Football. If they don’t it will force Elway to start thinking about a new head coach. Maybe the Jets and Broncos should swap head coaches at half-time.
25: Houston Texans – Bill O’Brien is officially on the hot seat this weak. With the Vikings coming to town that should mean a big day for Deshaun Watson, but they will still get beat by the Vikings vastly improving offense.
26: Washington Football Team – Simply put they are not a very good football team and the Ravens will run all over them this weekend in good old Washington D.C.
27: Detriot Lions – Sure, the Lions won on the road last week in Arizona, but they still should not have given head coach Matt Patricia another season. The Lions will hang out for a few quarters, but ultimately get destroyed by the Saints at home.
28: Cincinnati Bengals – Eventually Joe Burrow is going to end up in a trauma unit because the Bengals have the worst offensive line in football. But this weekend Burrow will survive the bad line long enough to get the first win of his career in a home win over the Jaguars. Expect him to throw the ball at least 50 times.
29: Philadelphia Eagles – Carson is a mess and the 49ers will crush the Eagles back to the 1980s this weekend in the Bay Area.
30: Carolina Panthers – It’s official, the Panthers are no longer the second-worst team in the NFL. This week they will get lit up by the Cardinals at home.
31: New York Giants – Injuries are one thing, but the reality is this a terrible roster. They are going to get crushed by the Rams in LA.
32: New York Jets – Adam Gase might actually win a game on Thursday Night Football against the depleted Broncos and still get fired on Friday. Win or lose, I predict this is the last week for Adam Gase as a New York Jets head coach.

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