OBJ Refuses To Lose To A Cowboys Defense That Doesn't Tackle

OBJ Refuses To Lose To A Cowboys Defense That Doesn’t Tackle

Doesn’t believe in his quarterback, wants to be traded, and conducts post-game press conferences like the Browns have lost, even when they’ve won. These are just some of the more recent complaints about OBJ.

Well, OBJ totally showed up today against the Dallas Cowboys and scored 3 touchdowns in the teams 49-38 win in Dallas. That’s right, you read the score correctly, the Cleveland Browns scored 49 points on the road which should tell you everything you need to know about the Cowboys defense.

The game was sealed by OBJ who turned a reverse into a 50-yard touchdown run.

This is the first time since 2001 that the Cleveland Browns are 3-1. When Baker Mayfield was asked about the teams’ great start the season he responded with the following:

“Baker, do you know the last time the Browns were 3-1?” someone asked. Mayfield replied, “No and I don’t really care.”

Now that’s the kind of answer we’ve come to expect from Mayfield, who is still filling up the airwaves with a ton of Progressive Insurance commercials.

As for OBJ, this was the perfect kind of momentum game that he needed to get back into the swing of Kevin Stefanski’s new offense which is actually starting to fire on all cylinders, or was the 508 total yards from scrimmage really just an indictment of how bad the Cowboys defense has become? Either way, at least for now I have to give it to the Cleveland Browns for not playing like the Cleveland Browns.

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