NFL Week 4 Recap: Point Counterpoints

NFL Week 4 Recap: Point Counterpoints

Adam Gase still has a job, Joe Burrow didn’t end up in a trauma center and Justin Herbert is a legit NFL QB. Russell Wilson is cooking up new ways to win and is essentially the Seahawks offensive coordinator.

The Eagles and the rest of the NFC East are on the verge of relegation, which means the Cowboys defense will have a chance to prove its self against other CFL teams. Plus, the Cleveland Browns are turning into one of the best teams in the NFL which could only happen in the year 2020.

Adam Gase
When should Adam Gase be canned as the Jets head coach? The answer, any day after he was hired.

Look he clearly has the lost the locker room and Sam Darnold looks like a high-school quarterback who isn’t going to receive any division 1 scholarship offers. Maybe the Jets have given up on Darnold and are just keeping Gase around to ensure they can ruin Trevor Lawrence’s career next.

Joe Burrow
It took 4 weeks, but Joe Burrow finally got his first win as an NFL QB. He threw 1 touchdown pass and 1 interception in the teams win over the Jaguars.

Counterpoint: Despite Burrow’s first win, the Bengals have the worst pass protection line in the NFL. In week 3, Burrow was sacked 8 times and hit 18 times and is in danger of ending up in a trauma center if the Bengals can’t figure out how to protect him.

If Burrow can survive his next 5 games against the Ravens, Colts, Browns, Titans, and Steelers, then maybe he will have enough statistics to win the NFL rookie of the year. Either way, if he survives the next 5 weeks he should win the NFL’s toughest man of the year award.

Justin Herbert
Speaking of bad offensive lines, Herbert is dealing with a line that provides him very little time to do anything. Heck Herbert can’t even say “two Mississippi” before he is forced to release the football.

Herbert has a huge arm and isn’t afraid to take a hit. He went 20 for 25 against a legit Buccaneers defense and threw 3 touchdown passes in his team’s defeat. The question is will the Chargers stunt his development and hand the ball back over to Tyrod Taylor when his healthy?

Russell Wilson:
So far the NFL MVP is clearly Russell Wilson who put together another stellar performance this weekend. 360 yards passing and 2 touchdowns against the Dolphins.

For some reason, he never gets MVP respect. While I bet the numbers will ultimately support a win for him this year, someone else will probably walk away with the trophy.

Wilson led a touchdown drive in the fourth quarter without any input from the coaching staff after the team’s communication system failed. Clearly, Wilson doesn’t need any input from the coaching staff, and honestly, the team might be better off if their communication equipment broke down more frequently because Wilson is more than a QB, he is also the team’s offensive coordinator.

NFC East
The Philadelphia Eagles are sitting in first place in the NFC East with a 1-2-1 record. Enough said.

In the event, that a losing record wins the division this year, the Eagles, Washington Football Team, Giants, and Cowboys should all be relegated to the CFL. The Cowboys have forgotten how to tackle, the Giants have not had a good draft in 5 years, the Eagles are all damaged birds, and the Washington Football Team doesn’t even have a name.

Cleveland Browns
Hard to believe that after the Browns’ horrific week 1 performance, they have won 3 games in a row. The Browns are 3-1 for the first time since 2001. Are the Browns for real or is this still your father’s Cleveland Browns?

Good coaching makes a huge difference in the NFL and for now, head coach Kevin Stefanski has figured out the best way to make Baker Mayfield successful. He is simply limiting the number of times Baker drops back to pass and has turned him into a world-class hand-off specialist.

The team rushed for over 300 yards in their victory of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. While the Browns are not Super Bowl contenders, they certainly have enough tools to make a legit playoff run this year which means we are all living in the Twilight Zone.

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