Should The NFL Make Relegation A Thing In American Football

Should The NFL Make Relegation A Thing In American Football

So the Philadelphia Eagles are entering the fifth week of the 2020 NFL season in “first place” which isn’t too surprising except for the fact that they are 1-2-1.

As banged up as the Eagles are and despite yet another heroic performance by Carson Wentz on Sunday Night Football, the question is should the Eagles and the rest of the NFC East be allowed to continue in the NFL if no team actually finishes the season with at least 8 wins.

Take for example the Dallas Cowboys, who are now 1-3 and allowed the Cleveland Browns to walk into Jerry World and put up 49 points in their victory. That’s right the Cowboys gave up 49 points to the Cleveland Browns. Now as great as Dak Prescott has been this season, the Cowboys defense has been a total disaster. The Cowboys have given up 146 points in just 4 games which means they are giving up 36 points a game.

Then you have the New York Giants who continue to be one of the worst teams in football. Did you know that the Giants have scored just 46 points in the first 4 games of the season? That’s right the Giants are averaging 11.5 points a game. Bad drafts, overpaid free agents, and poor coaching decisions by management continue to drive this once historic franchise right into the bad turf at Metlife Stadium.

Lastly, you have the Washington Football Team that is dealing with a wide range of social issues that don’t even involve the team finally caving on a name change. With the NFL continuing to investigate the franchise for allegations of misconduct the team has not been much better on the field and has lost its last 3 games. Their QB of the future Dwayne Haskins Jr. is on pace to throw 16 touchdowns and 14 interceptions this year and honestly, I feel like that is a friendly prediction.

Now teams in the NFL have not been forced to deal with the relegation concept that runs International Football. Take the Premier League which every year relegates and promotes teams in and out of its league.

The system which may seem harsh to most fans of the National Football League actually has some extremely redeeming qualities when you think about it.

Year in and year out in the NFL we have a variety of football teams that either tank on purpose or tank because of poor football decisions like the Jets made hiring Adam Gase as their new head coach just 10 days after he had been canned by the Dolphins.

Regardless of how and why an NFL team is bad, there should be a relegation system in place that forces bad football teams to play in an alternate league until they rebuild. Watching the Jets get beat at home by the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football doesn’t help anybody, especially when the Broncos head coach Vic Fangio refuses to shack the hand of Adam Gase after his teams’ victory.

So why did Vic refuse to shack Adam’s hand? Because Gase greenlighted a series of unnecessary hits on his quarterback after the game had been secured by the Broncos. It’s that kind of bush-league coaching that deserves to be relegated straight out of the NFL.

Relegation would also force pesky owners like Jerry Jones to hire real football minds who grew up in this century to run his team. It would force historically bad franchises like the Cleveland Browns to actually conduct some due diligence before they draft a QB like Johnny Manzil.

I get it, this seems like a harsh way to conduct business in the NFL, but ultimately as a fan of quality American Football, you can’t have a division with a team that averages 11.5 points a game, and another team that gives up over 36 points a game, and then allow a team with a losing record to win a division.

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