The Mighty 10 NFL Power Rankings For Week 5

The Mighty 10 NFL Power Rankings For Week 5

Welcome to the first-ever “Mighty 10 NFL Power Rankings.”

It’s week 5 of your National Football League season and we have officially made it through a quarter of the season. Clearly, the Chiefs remain the best team in football despite two games that could have gone the other way.

10: New Orleans Saints – Let’s face-it Sean Payton football teams historically start seasons out on the slow side so if your a Saints fan I would not be too concerned about your team making a playoff push this year.

While I expect Justin Herbert to continue to find gaps in the Saints secondary on Monday Night Football, I’m willing to bet that the Saints find more holes in the Charger defense in this one.

9: Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Tomlin has the Steelers playing well in all 3 phases of the game at this point. The defense is playing significantly better than I expected and the team will certainly benefit from an unplanned week off.

The Steelers are at home on Sunday against the 1-2-1 Eagles who will probably still be in first place after they get beat soundly by the Steelers.

8: New England Patriots – How brilliant was Belichick’s game plan against Patrick Mahomes on Monday Night Football? The answer, it was off the hook. Still, extremely poor calls by the refs and a brain freeze by Julian Edelman did the Patriots in.

The reality is the Patriots are 2-2, and Cam Newton will not play at home against the Broncos on Sunday. Still, regardless of who plays QB this week, they will be told over and over again to the hand the ball to a running back. Denver might hang in there for a while, but in the end, Belichick’s defense will win the game.

7: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Brady started his day out throwing another pick 6 last week against the Chargers. The Bucs defense gave up way to many deep balls against a rookie QB for anyone to be singing the praises of the Bucs defense after last week. Still, Tom Brady settled in and threw 5 touchdowns against a depleted Chargers defense. Cleary, Brady is getting more comfortable every week in the offense which is going to spell trouble for the rest of the NFC as the season goes on.

Tampa is heading to Chicago for a Thursday Night Football game and I would be shocked if the Bucs lose this game because Nick Foles best days are way behind him.

6. Los Angeles Rams
 – Did the Giants wake up and remember how to play football last Sunday or had the Rams already started looking forward to yet another a trip back to the East Coast. Either way, the Rams handled their business and eventually put away one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Giants are so bad that relegation should be a consideration at this point. Needless to say, Jared Goff had a nice game, but the Rams running game continues to disappoint everyone.

This week they travel to D.C. and should be flying back as the 4-1 Los Angeles Rams.

5. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens beat the Washington Football Team easily, but I still can’t get that Chiefs game out of my head. There is just something missing from the Ravens on both sides of the ball. Let’s just say one of the issues is a consistent running game from a bunch of running backs not named Jackson.

The Ravens will beat the Bengals this week at home, but this game is going to be way closer than you think. Las Vegas has made the Ravens a 13.5 point favorite coming into this game which is a ridiculous number if you’ve watched how effective Joe Burrow has been the last couple of weeks.

4: Buffalo Bills – All year I’ve been waiting for the Bills to self-destruct, but with a quarter of the season behind us, I do need to start taking the Bills seriously.

The Bills are scheduled to play the Titans in Tennessee, now if the game actually happens the Bills should win this game by at least two field goals. Josh Allan is officially one of my favorite players to watch in the NFL and I can’t see him allowing his team to get beat by a Titans team that is quarterbacked by Ryan Tannehill.

3. Seattle Seahawks  – The Seahawks have been delivering on the offensive side of the ball all year and Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers are both the leaders in the MVP race so far. The big issue for the Seahawks continues to be their lack of defensive pressure generated from their front line.

Up next for the Seahawks is a Sunday Night Football home game against an improving Minnesota Vikings offense, but in the end, I think we all would take Russell Wilson over Kirk Cousins any day or night.

2.Green Bay Packers – The Packers have been the biggest surprise so far in the NFL season. After getting beat badly by the 49ers in the NFC Championship game and making some horrific draft-day decisions like picking Jordan Love with the 26th draft pick. I thought for sure this team was going to head back down the ladder. But Aaron Rodgers and head coach Matt Lafleur continues to impress. Appararnelty LaFleur and Rodgers actually spent a significant amount of time together on Zoom calls and actually bonded. You can tell that they are now on the same page which makes them the best team in the NFC after four weeks.

The Packers get the week off.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – The reality is the Chiefs have not been great in every game, but even a C+ performance by their team is good enough for them to win most games. Clearly, this is the best team in football.

This week the Chiefs are at home against a vastly improved Las Vegas Raiders team. While I’m sure they will win, I would stay away from the line which has them favored by 12.5 points.

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