The Mighty 10 NFL Power Rankings For Week 6 - The Browns Move-In

The Mighty 10 NFL Power Rankings For Week 6 – The Browns Move-In

It’s week 6 of your National Football League season and while the NFL schedule is officially spiraling out of control we are all still hopeful that somehow the NFL will be able to pull off something close to a complete season.

The reality is there is nothing normal about this season and yet another example of that is the Cleveland Browns who are 4-1 under a new head coach and debut this week in the Mighty 10 for the first time all season. That’s right a Cleveland Browns team with a new head coach is actually getting off to a good start. It’s official we are all now living in the upside-down world.

Now the Kansas City Chiefs got beat at home by the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, but it’s safe to say that the Chiefs are still atop of the Mighty 10 Power Rankings this week.

Yes, I’m aware that there are still several teams who have not lost yet, but do you really think the Packers, Seahawks Steelers, Titans, and Bills should rank higher at this stage of the season? I don’t think so.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – The reality is the Chiefs got beat by a Raiders team that was clearly firing on all cylinders on Sunday. Still, at least for now, the Chiefs remain at the top of our power rankings because pound for pound they are the best team in football.

Sure they take entire half’s of football off, but this week they have a big test in Buffalo and you can bet Andy Reid is going to devise a game plan to shut down the Bills just enough to beat the Bills on Monday Afternoon Football.

2. Geen Bay Packers – The Packers are rested coming off their bye week and Aaron Rodgers will show Tom Brady why the Packers are a better team than the Bucs.

3. Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson was legendary at the end of the game against the Vikings. The defense is terrible, but Wilson is just that good.

4. Baltimore Ravens – Sure Lamar Jackson looks great against a division 1 college team like the Bengals, but I can’t forget what the Chiefs did to them just a few weeks ago. I expect them to get upset this week in Philidelphia because the Eagles have finally woken up Carson Wentz and the rest of their offense and the Eagles defense is going to flood the box against Jackson.

Basically, I’m predicting the Ravens get outcoached this week.

5. Buffalo Bills – The Bills play tonight against the Titans on Tuesday Night Football. Win or lose on Tuesday night, I expect the Chiefs to slow down the Bills offense enough on Monday Afternoon Football.

6. Los Angeles Rams – Simply put, the Rams handled their business in D.C. against a team they were supposed to beat. Based on all the 49ers injuries and Jared Goff coming home to Northern California, I expect the Rams to win another game against a team they should beat.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers went 13 for 13 on third-down conversions against the Eagles last week, but for the most part, they have not played any teams that have been winning. This will be their first real test of the season against the Browns, a game they should win at home.

8. New Orleans Saints – The Saints are up and down every single quarter this year, and they certainly need a break after what Justin Herbert did to them on Monday Night Football.

9. Cleveland Browns – On one hand this is the Cleveland Browns, on the other hand, head coach Kevin Stefanski clearly is in a play-calling groove which will make things interesting against the Steelers. Still, I think the Steelers are slightly more talented and will hand the Browns their second loss of the year.

10. New England Patriots – No idea who is going to be playing QB in this game, but the Pats have officially turned into a run-first offense that should dominate the Broncos in New England.

Honorable Mention

This week’s honorable mention goes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who got beat on Thursday Night Football by the Chicago Bears.

Look, you can’t have a record of 3-2 and get beat by the Bears and expect to still stay in the top 10 this early in the year. Plus, I’m telling you that Tampa Bay is a volatile situation and they are a few more bad games away from imploding. Like many teams in the NFL, the Bucs offensive line is a bit of a mess which is causing Tom Brady to experience PSD symptoms in-game.

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