How Many More Jets Defections Will It Take For Adam Gase To Be Gone

How Many More Jets Defections Will It Take For Adam Gase To Be Gone

The news of the week out of New York Jets camp was the initial defection of Le”Veon Bell which was then followed by the Jets flat out releasing Bell.

Seriously, how many more Jets need to go before the Jets finally realize that head coach Adam Gase is the problem.

I’m just wondering if somewhere in Las Vegas there is a prop-bet on the over-under number of player causalities it will take before the 0-5 Gase is finally removed from his position.

As for Le’Veon Bell, he learned an extremely valuable life lesson that the grass is rarely greener when you switch gigs. Bell who in his prime with the Pittsburgh Steelers was considered the best running back in football. At the time it was widely recognized that Bell had laid the early stage groundwork of a Hall-of-Fame career.

Well, after playing in just 17 games with Gase as his head coach, Bell’s Hall-of-Fame chances have completely evaporated into the New York City night.

“It’s irrelevant at this point” Gase said. “It didn’t work out. It didn’t work out, and we’re gonna focus on this upcoming game right now.”

Gase, who I once said was the “King of Player Alienation” gets a big star on the refrigerator for living up to his nickname.

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