Luka Doncic To The Lakers Isn't Going To Happen Magic

Luka Doncic To The Lakers Isn’t Going To Happen

Let the tampering begin. Earlier in the day Magic Johnson and Max Kellerman both floated the idea of Luka Doncic heading to the Los Angeles Lakers to play with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

First, let me dispel this as nothing more than just talk between a few friends who happen to be discussing this particular topic on national television in front of over 300,000 plus sports fans.

On Wednesday’s ESPN’s First Take, Magic started pushing hard for Dallas Mavericks superstar Doncic to join the Lakers. He went on to float that Doncic and AD could team up with LeBron right now to win titles, and went on to say the two would be able to lead the Lakers to “the next five or six championships” once LeBron retires.

“Luka come over to the Lakers!” Magic said when Max Kellerman proposed the Lakers go after Doncic. “I like that. I like that.”

Doncic won’t be a free agent until 2022, and while it’s true that he will be the most sought-after player of that free-agency class, let me just say that is more likely that the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will return $1 billion dollars of the $5.7 billion he got from Yahoo when he sold his company than allow Luka Doncic to walk out the front door.

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