Andy Dalton Can Score Free Meals For Life In Texas If...

Andy Dalton Can Score Free Meals For Life In Texas If…

Sure Andy Dalton is skiing down the backside of career mountain, but unlike Philip Rivers who has officially boarded the bus out of the ski resort, Dalton at age 32 still has a lot of quality starts left in him.

Dalton who was forced into immediate action last week after Dak Prescott’s devastating injury jumped straight into the game and reportedly told his teammates “I came here to win.” Dalton went on to say “I came here to play. So let’s do it.” He completed 9-11 passes for 111 yards and led the Cowboys back to a 37-34 win over the New York Giants.

With Prescott, gone for the year, it’s now up to Dalton to salvage the Cowboys season. Dalton now finds himself in the unique position to never have to pay for a meal again in the state of Texas. All he has to do is led the Cowboys into the playoffs which at the start of the year seemed like a no-brainer, but with a defense that regularly breaths life into extremely bad offenses this task has become a huge mountain to climb.

The Cowboys defense simply put is that bad and that’s why if Dalton is able to put the Cowboys on his shoulders and take them into the playoffs he will never have to pay for a meal again in Texas.

Andy Is Not A Scrub

Throughout Dalton’s NFL career he has consistently been one of the best 2nd-tier QB’s in football. He has a career record of 70-61-2 which is pretty impressive when you consider how bad the Bengals offensive line has been over the past 5 years.

To be clear Andy Dalton is not an improvement over Prescott, but if you need an extremely solid quarterback to bring a little more than the standard ball control offense to your team then Andy Dalton is your QB.

Former Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl-winning coach Jimmy Johnson believes Dalton can improve Dallas’ chances of winning.

“How you protect the defense is you increase your time of possession by running the football with Ezekiel Elliot. And I think Dalton will be a perfect fit. In fact, he will help that defense.”

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