The Cardinals Dance All Over The Cowboys Defense

The Cardinals Dance All Over The Cowboys Defense

On a night that the Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray only completed 9 passes but still the offense put up 38 points against a horrific Dallas Cowboys defense, it really makes you wonder if anyone in the NFC East is going to finish the season with more wins than loses.

With the 6th week of the NFL season now completed, 6 NFL teams have as many wins as the entire NFC East combine. Can you say relegation? The reality of the situation is the NFC East is shaping up to be the worst division in the history of modern-day football.

I know calling the Dallas Cowboy defense horrific might feel a bit over the top but check out how wide-open Christian Kirk is on this 80-yard touchdown reception.

Things got so bad for the Cowboys defense that at the end of the game when the Cardinals were simply trying to run out the clock by running the ball, Kenyan Drake accidentally broke through the Cowboys defensive line untouched and remained untouched for a 69-yard touchdown run that should have never happened.

Ultimately it was a rough night on both sides of the ball for the Cowboys but you have to give it to the Cardinals for both out-coaching and outplaying the Cowboys who actually played like they expected to lose.

At this point, Jerry Jones must be having serious 2nd thoughts about his decision to hire head coach Mike McCarthy. Maybe Aaron Rodgers was right about McCarthy Jerry!

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