Mighty 10 NFL Power Rankings Week 7 – Ryan Tannehill Brainwashed?

Mighty 10 NFL Power Rankings Week 7 – Ryan Tannehill Brainwashed?

It’s week 7 of your National Football League season and Ryan Tannehill is playing so well that I’m convinced the Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has brainwashed him into believing he is a hall-of-fame quarterback.

Plus the hype machine around the Tampa Buccaneers is officially spiraling out of control. From Peter King to Colin Cowherd, many analysts who cover the NFL have jumped the Buccaneers into the top spot of their top tens this week.

Sure, the Buccaneers dismantled the Packers in week 6, but to place the Bucs ahead of the Chiefs and the Titans is definitely a stretch at this point of this season. Not to mention the Steelers and the Seahawks are still undefeated. Enough said.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – If the playoffs started today, the Kansas City Chiefs would be the overwhelming favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Chiefs can beat you in a lot of different ways and in week 6 they turned to rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire (26 carries for 161 yards), who appeared to be running away from the ghost of Le’Veon Bell.

This week the Chiefs head to Denver which will result in their 6th win of the year.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers – A healthy Minkah Fitzpatrick has really helped turn around the Steelers defense. The Steelers embarrassed the Cleveland Browns last week and this week Big Ben will find a way to sneak past the Titans on the road.

3. Seattle Seahawks
 – Russell Wilson was legendary at the end of the game against the Vikings. The defense is terrible, but Wilson is just that good. Coming off a bye week, many teams play a little flat, but this is a Pete Carrol coached team with Wilson in his prime.

The Seahawks defense will be a little better after two weeks of rest, and I don’t anticipate that Kyler Murray is going to outgun Wilson in this game in Arizona.

4. Tennesse Titans  – The Titans have are now 5-0 on the young season and the impact Derek Henry is having on the team can not be understated. Still, you have to give it to the Titans head coach Mike Vrabel for convincing Ryan Tannehill that he is an elite quarterback. Personally, I think Vrabel is using some form of brainwashing technics on Tannehill.

The true test for the Titans comes this weekend at home against the Steelers. Something tells me that Big Ben will be too much for the Titans this weekend.

5. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens did what I thought they would do against the Eagles and barley beat them in Philadelphia in week 6. The problem is way too much of the offense runs through Lamar Jackson. In week 6 Jackson rushed for 108 yards, while the rest of the team rushed for 74 yards. The Ravens are currently way too one-dimensional to be considered one of the top 3 teams in the NFL.

Maybe during the bye week, someone on the Ravens coaching staff will realize that changes are going to be needed if this team is going to win a single playoff game this year.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The hype machine has the Buccaneers playing at home in this year’s Super Bowl which is a total stretch for a team that has yet to prove it can consistently win. Still, the Bucs defense appears to be getting better and Tom Brady seems more at home every week.

Most NFL analysts are picking the Bucs over the Raiders this week in Las Vegas which I believe is a mistake. The Raiders have way more weapons than the Packers and I doubt the Bucs d-line will be able to control the Raiders running game. Plus, Jon Gruden has extra incentive to beat his former team and he will have his players playing a little harder than normal in this game.

7. Green Bay Packers – Sometimes teams are flat coming off bye weeks and that’s exactly how Aaron Rodgers and the Packers looked against the Bucs. I suspect, they will rebound against a Texans defense which is the 29th ranked defense in the NFL.

8. Los Angeles Rams – Sean McVay was outcoached by Kyle Shanahan its as simple as that. This week the Rams will rebound at home against the Bears. The Rams have way too many weapons for the Bears to handle, not to mention the Rams defense is going feast on Nick Foles.

9. Buffalo Bills – Overrated is the best way to describe the Bills. The Bills have the 27th ranked rushing attack which is the real problem with this team. Look, I’m not sure how much Le’Veon Bell is going to play for the Chiefs, but I will say this, the Chiefs didn’t want Bell running around the Bills backfield.

The Bills get to beat the Jets this week but could fall out of the mighty top 10 if they don’t destroy that division 2 team.

10. Chicago Bears – Ok, the Bears deserve some credit for starting out the season 5-1. Head coach Matt Nagy is a hell of a football coach and for some reason, he gets no credit. Nagy is 25-13 as the Bears head coach and he has proved that he can cook a quality dinner with any kind of ingredients.

I suspect that as good as Nagy has been with smoke and mirrors so far this season, they will depart LAX on Monday Night with a second loss.

Honorable Mention

This week’s honorable mention goes to the San Francisco 49ers. You have to give it to Kyle Shanahan for creating a brilliant game plan to take down the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday Night Football. The 49ers defense which has been decimated by injuries appears to have found a few key replacements which are making a big difference.

The reality is the 49ers have been so up and down this year, that it wouldn’t surprise if they win or lose in New England on Sunday.

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