Cowboys-Eagles Renew Their Rivalry Of Bad

Cowboys-Eagles Renew Their Rivalry Of Bad

It’s like every team in the NFC East this year is trying to play worse than the other. Anything you can do I can do worse seems like the calling card for the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, and the team without a name in Washington.

Now the team at Mighty Rip has been the only sports media outlet that’s floating the idea of relegation for the entire NFC East because lets face it, this a terrible group of teams that don’t belong in the NFL this year. Collectively through 7 weeks, the entire division has posted a disturbing 7 wins. Heck, the Pittsburgh Steelers have 6 wins and have already had their bye week.

The cold harsh truth is that someone is going to most likely win this division with just 6 or 7 wins which should tell you everything you need to know about the 2020 version of what used to be the NFC East.

Coming up on Sunday the Cowboys will attempt to play football against the Eagles in Philadelphia on Sunday Night Football. Seriously trying to figure out which 2 win team is going to win is like trying predict who is going to win the upcoming Presidential election. At least in the election, you know that people will vote, but will the fans of the NFL be treated to a classic Cowboys vs Eagles game or are we going to get more bad football from these two teams.

I’ll take bad football for 500 Alex.

Surprisingly the good folks over at NBC didn’t invoke their flex clause and replace the Cowboys and Eagles with the Steelers vs Ravens, which is clearly the game everyone wants to see on national television on Sunday Night outside of Texas and Pennsylvania.

All I could up with why NBC decided to not flex out the Cowboys vs Eagles is they really just want to show shots of Jerry and Stephen Jones standing in a suite looking disgusted plotting how they are going to continue to claim head coach Mike McCarthy is their guy.

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