Mookie Betts Is Just Getting Started Dodger Fans.

The Legend Of Mookie Betts Is Just Getting Started Dodger Fans

It took just one year of a 12-year contract extension worth $365 million dollars for Mookie Betts to deliver the Los Angeles Dodgers their first World Series title in 32 years.

Now that the Dodgers have finally won another World Series the team is certainly in a good position to continue their NL West dominance for years to come. Betts was clearly a difference-maker for the Dodgers through the season and certainly, in the World Series, he delivered several clutch moments.

Betts, who has 12 years left on his contract has already become a Dodger legend and while expectations for another ring will certainly be high, I’d say that the majority of fans will take the championship and never hold it against Betts if he doesn’t deliver a second ring.

At this point, it’s safe to say Betts has reached legendary status at Blue Heaven on Earth. He is clearly a product of the social media generation and to his credit, he continues to connect with fans in a way many Major League baseball players don’t.

Check out this classy video Betts posted after winning the World Series.


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