The Mighty Play Of The Week: Run Dalvin Run

The Mighty Player Of The Week: Run Dalvin Run

Sure we could have chosen Patrick Mahomes to be the player of the week, but let’s face it, the Minnesota Vikings Dalvin Cook’s performance against the Packers was more impressive than Mahomes throwing 5 touchdowns against a team that shouldn’t even be in the NFL. Seriously, did you know that the New York Jets have thrown just 4 touchdown passes all year? Enough said.

Cook led the Vikings to just their second win of the year and rushed for 163 yards and posted 63 receiving yards for 4 touchdowns and no turnovers. His performance basically kept Aaron Rodgers locked up in his winter coat for most of the second half in the Vikings 28 to 22 win at Lambeau Field.

Not only did Cook shut down Rodgers, but he also took all the pressure off the Vikings QB Kirk Cousins who finished the game with 163 yards passing and a QB rating of 138.1. The reality is that anytime the Vikings can prevent their QB from throwing a pick or fumbling, it is going to be a good day.

Beyond Cook’s impact on the offense, he also impacted the Vikings defense which is made up of a variety of young players who probably still get carded. The Vikings defense is also banged up, and vastly inexperienced, and Cook’s performance limited their time on the field significantly which also helped the team take down the heavily favored Packers.

“You always appreciate what people do for you,” Cook said. “I know how much I work and I know how much those guys work. You have to commend those guys, too, because I’m grinding for my brother next to me. There’s no award for them, it’s me scoring the touchdown and they don’t get to score the touchdown. I want them to feel the same feeling that I feel when I’m scoring the touchdown. Those guys are the reason I’m in front of you, giving you guys a winning speech.”

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