Kylers Hail Murray Catapults Him Into The MVP Conversation

Kylers Hail Murray Catapults Him Into The MVP Conversation

Leave it to Kyler Murray for delivering the most spectacular play of the NFL season with his 43-yard hail mary touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins. The play was so legendary that it actually received a nick-name “Hail Murray” just seconds after the pass was completed. Talk about the power of social media.

The play also catapulted Murray into the MVP conversation with Russell Wilson, Dalvin Cook, Patrick Mahomes, and Alvin Kamara. The Cardinals are now sitting in first place in the best division in the NFL which through 10 weeks is a major accomplishment.

Murray who is best described as the ultimate video game QB, seriously, watching him run around the field looks like you watching a virtual reality QB takedown a celebrity Madden 21 football team.

Here’s how it all went down – Murray drops back to pass, then eludes a wide variety of Bills pass rushers, then he rolls to the left, which is followed by him running like Mighty Mouse to the sidelines, then falling off the field he launches the football a good 55 yards in the air to Hopkins.

“I want to say I knew when it left my hand it had a chance just because [when] you play quarterback, you can tell the trajectory, the touch of the ball,” Murray said. “But, I think I was looking at the sideline when everybody … I just got the reaction from everybody. I don’t think I saw him catch the ball. I really don’t remember — it happened so fast. But, I knew once it left my hand, it had a good chance.”

The big question is what kind of holiday gift will Kyler be buying for the recently fired Bill O’Brien?

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